Friday, June 19, 2009

Revenge Dawns in the United Kingdom and Japan

Today is the day that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen premieres in theatres for the general public starting with the United Kingdom and Japan. So from all of us in the rest of the world...sod off :D

Feel free to let us know what you think of the movie in the comments. Also try to note if there is any scenes during or after the credits and who the voice cast is for the various Transformers.

Note that comments are likely to contain spoilers (will approve them as opportunity allows).


  1. Hugo Ruivinho6/19/2009 6:50 AM

    In Portugal we only get to see the movie on the 23rd (got my tickets) but all the billboards and site have the general release date for the 24th, so i still count myself as one of the lucky ones :D

  2. The film is absolutely brilliant, had a staff preview on tuesday as i work in a cinema, there are no bits after the credits but if i remember correctly there are a couple just before the main credits start but after the transformers: revenge of the fallen logo pops up on the screen. Sorry can't really remember any of the voice cast.

  3. I saw the Midnight Showing at Gunwharf Quays.
    Its action packed but its spoiled by the shit acting and awful jokes.

    For every awesome robot fight scene there is 3 or 4 lame 'one liners' which make you cringe.
    Starscream gets loads of screen time and the Forest scene is the best part of the movie. 5\10

    The Good:

    Forest battle
    Devastators merge

    The Bad:
    No Soundwave transformation
    No explanation to why Jolt randomly turns up half way throught the movie.
    Bonecrusher turning up and duplication of constructicons.
    Sam's unexplained hand injury

    The Ugly:
    Devastators wrecking balls
    Sam's Mom getting stoned
    Mikela getting dry-humped by Wheelie


  4. How are you going to see it on the 23rd if the premieres in Portugal are on thursdays (25)?

  5. i saw it at the midnight showing last night.

    It was great, but suffered in places from trying to get too much fan service in...they crammed in a space bridge, energon,the matrix of leadership and the ultimate sun destroying weapon in a long plot heavy exposition scene which slowed the movie down (but was cool to see as a fan anyway!)

    There are NO scenes after the credits, and no robot related ones, just a couple at the very start of the credits involving the parents. Frank Welker voiced Soundwave and a couple of others. The guy who played The Candyman voiced The Fallen.

    There were 13 decepticons in the final battle, most just protoforms but it was pretty good.


    Good points:

    -Fight scenes were amazing
    -Robots were generally amazing
    -The Fallen and Megatron were had an Emperor and Darth Vader vibe going on
    -Optimus Prime was portrayed brilliantly, as a complete badass
    -Jetfire was also badass
    -The Twins were pretty cool!
    -Alice blew away T3 and T4..she is cool!
    -Cybertron scenes were great
    -Forest fight was the single best action sequence this year by far (on first viewing anyway!)


    -The constructicons were kind of 'drones' -- 1 set combined to form Devastator, and then a few random construction vehicles popped up during the final war scene, only to get killed easily, they had no real screen time or personalities

    -Sideways was never seen in robot mode (as far as i can remember!)

    -Sideswipe was under used (but so awesome!)
    -The blue autobot which is the Chevy Volt looked amazing but got little screen time
    -Arcee spoke and that but seemed to get killed, again no real screen time
    -Shia LeBeef died but came back :(

    Off to see it again!

  6. in Czech republic it is on 23rd too

  7. What you mean by Sam's mum getting stoned? Does she litteraly get stoned!!?? Thats Hillarious. I cant wait for Wednesday!! I dont realy care about Devastator's wrecking Balls, Bonecrusher Jolt and the hand injury, But Soundwave will be dissapointing! That was stupid of Bay, Soundwave shouldve been one of the main decepticons! That wouldve been AWESOME!

  8. It opened here in Japan today. I really liked it but there are several differences between it and the book. Nothing too major but if you have read the book then they are noticable. (The ending especially has some parts different. It is like they wanted to wrap things up quickly.)

    Someone mentioned Obama and the movie. I heard his name mentioned in the movie but I don't remember seeing him or footage of him. Going to watch it again tomorrow. Will look more carefully then.

    There are a lot of Constructions in the movie. A lot of the Decepticons had small roles. (Which sucks since I prefer them over the Autobots.) Also after Wheelie switched sides, I don't remember seeing him again.

    In Japan the theaters have souvenirs that you can buy. Things like t-shirts, towels, folders, etc. A lot of them were really cool.They also were selling a Transformers Revenge (they took the "of the Fallen" off the title of the Japanese products) Ultimate Guide which shows most fo the toys from both movies. It came with a nice poster of Optimus and Megatron.

    Anyhow, was certainly a good movie. Long in parts but still good. Will be interested in seeing the deleted scenes when the Blu-ray comes out. Recommend everyone watch it at least once!


  9. Saw two scenes during the credits.

    One was of Mikaela giving Sam a kiss before riding off on a bike. (Maybe Arcee..)

    The other was of Sam going back to college and his professor sarcastically calling him Einstein.

    Was hoping to see Megatron on the Nemesis but no luck.


  10. and arcee is mikaela bike????????????

  11. SPOILER!!!!????!!!!

    hope to speak to others who saw it too. As some may know I saw the preview last week and loved it. Off to see it in IMAX tonight but i wondered if anyone saw the sharktecon? who else hated pointless alice and also did anyone think there was 2 mixmaster? seemed to be one fightine and the one attached to devastator? also who else thought devastator was too easily destroyed?

  12. I'm stationed in Japan and I watched the movie today. I really liked the movie, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Some of the action scenes were amazing and they put a good twist on the romance. Yes, Sam's mother gets stoned but I think it's a little over the top.

  13. Saw it today. I thought overall it was excellent, and probably better than the first movie. It did suffer a little at times, to be honest if they'd cut out half the "We love the U.S army" bullshit scenes they could have more fully developed some characters that you really didn't get to know (Arcee, Jolt, Constructicons,Sideswipe, Sideways). On the other hand, Megatron and in particular, Starscream, were characterised brilliantly this time. They both had a couple of scenes together alone and their relationship was fleshed out a ton. Likewise Optimus was fleshed out and much more G1-esque overall- very heroic.

    For the record, there's nothing to suggest Arcee died. In the last scene you see her, on of her sections (the purple bike) gets batted away along with another one, but they don't explode and still seem to be moving, implying more that they got their ass kicked rather than they were killed, and there was no "death scene" ie: explosion, decapitaiton as was the case with the robots who actually died in the film. They'll be back for the third, indeed, they definitely saved things for the third, in particular Soundwave (who was awesome but tame) and whatever the outcome was of setting off the plasma-energy chamberesque thing inside the Pyramid (probably a signal to Unicron?).

    Overall, I think the film would work best in IMAX, see it there first if you can. The High Definition and bigger screen would make the action much easier to follow.

  14. Visually impressive , but story suffered badly , it sadens me to say that as i am a huge Transformers fan.

    A lot of plott holes as mentioned before, bonecrusher,appearing and the constructicons , although being transformed into Devastator appearing on their own at the same moment in time in the film, especially Mixmaster and LongHaul . And also Soundwave has lost his unique voice which was disappointing.

    There was also some very cheesy acting in some places which we could have done without and the reuse of some scenes from the first film and the ending monologue could have been improved in the way that it was so similar to the first film.

    Overall, i think this film will grow on me over time despite these hick-ups and i cant wait to see it again and hope that Bay makes the third more dark and gritty

  15. ghola_tleilaxu6/19/2009 12:20 PM

    The movie will be only on 25th in Kazakhstan... I hate that :((((

  16. Just got back from watching it, and I was unimpressed, the film just seemed to be patched together, there never seemed to be a flow throughout the film.
    The one thing that gets me more than anything, is the randomness(hope thats a word) of just throwing robots in ! Sideswipe - doesn't even speak and please at least get soundwave's voice correct - it is kind of detremental to the whole of transformers !

  17. Just got back from seeing it here in Japan and they gave us small cards saying we were the first to see the movie as of its release. I enjoyed it but I would have liked to see more Autobots talk other than Prime, The twins, and Wheeie. Ironhide and Rachet speak like 2 lines each.
    But over all I enjoyed it.

  18. Guys I could totally be wrong here, But I think Jolt, and Sideswipe had a bigger part in this movie then what he ended up. I THINK due to the fact that GM has stopped production FOR NOW( Not saying they wont bring it back) of the Corvette concept and the Chevy Volt production plant in the US. However the European market for the Volt is still open as of now. ( yes you can go look up this info) I think they scaled back the screen time becuase of the companys financal woes. 8( They did not want to promote a car that was not in any form of production. WE know that BB is now buyable. Its going to be something to see about Ironhide because the truck is now out of production soon.

    Any thoughts on this from anyone?

  19. my only thought is that it isnt GM's or the economy's fault , but the writers who couldnt put together a single line of sanity even if they tried

  20. ok can someone tell me if it was better than the first one and how the fallen was killed or how his character is???

    Extended kitchen bot scene.

  22. Ranger565:

    The Corvette Stingray that was used in the movie wasn't supposed to be made a production model anyways.

  23. Just seen it!!

    Awesome action scenes, quite jokey compared to the first one, also waaay overlong between the action scenes.

    Sideswipe is favourite robot by far in the film anyway, shame they mucked up Jetfire so much, what a waste of the best character from the G1 days :(

    (Sideswipe does talk at least twice, the first "I'm so cool" and the second saammm!)

    Mark Ryan voices Bumblebee AND Jetfire, not the Simmons dude, john tuturro.

    The fallen isnt trapped in another dimension like the comic adaption/book, lots of other plot points are all over the place, why doesn't bumblebee 'notice' Alice, why does Alice 'expose' herself (fnar, fnar) at THAT precise time? why copies of construticons? surely they didnt run out of money?

    fans of Lennox and co will be dissapointed as they ust show up all over the place.

    the twins were much better in the film, great lines on those guys.


  24. Lets say:
    -I don't care which transformer does what, and which transformer says what..
    -I just love the fighting, and don't care which transformer is doing the fighting..
    -I actually liked some of the humor of the first one, and Sam's mom getting stoned actually sounds like it would be humorous..

    Is it safe to say I won't be complaining as much about this movie? as much as the people that actually cared about which transformer did what?

  25. Does Starscream have his own air force in the battle against the naval ships when they try to revive Megatron? Cuz i remember in a tv spot there were a bunch of fighter jets flying together over what looked like an ocean.

  26. somebody already knows if the Autobots you have plus some transformer of its side stops beyond those already confirmed

  27. In reply to Anon @ 2:54pm - no, Starscream has no allies. The only fighter jets I can recall were F-16's from Qatar (I think? Or maybe Jordanian?) and carrier launched F-18's during the final battle.

  28. Bumblebee doesn't talk at all in this movie which is a shame cause i really, really wanted him too.

    This also pains me to say but devastator was the most under-used character ever! He was clearly put in there to please the fans just like venom in spider-man 3.

    Don't get me wrong i loved this film and will see it again and it really does pain me to see the problems that are displayed in clear daylight on this film.

    PLeas, please watch this film you'll love it. Just don't like me see the worst.

  29. Starscream just fly on its own. The military personnel can notice it from the 'alien' tattoo that distinguished prominently..The jets are just backing up the NEST during the desert attack..

    The best part I saw today was how optimus prime ripped off grindor face into pieces..That was soooo damn freaky and awesome... ;) Can't wait to see again..


    Though the film was good but really the plot just seems thrown together no cohesion, acting was pretty good Sam could have used some more comedy moments actually. Leo is like an extreme version of Sam in every way lol.

    Soundwave was cool, pity that he didnt transform but he played a really cool part, just like soundwave was in G1 really. Also though his voice was very cool.

    Optimus is totally badass, as if he's learnt a load of new shit in the past 2 years, his move entrance is super cool. Same for Bumblebee he's tough as nails

    Starscream and megatron are done well, good to know they will be back in teh next movie. It was weird to see another decepticon get 'sacrificed' so coldly!

    Biggest dissapointment is the Constructicons. They have no proper intruductions and no lines, and it seemed a total fuck up to have devestator combined and wreaking havoc, while Long Haul, Rampage and Mixmaster are all fighting the army and hunting Sam! Combination scene is good but really what a let down, its as if any set of bots could combine whenever they fancy. I would have preferred less overall bots and give a real story to these guys.

    One problem I do have is all the randomness with the bots. Ravage dropping like a million ball bearings that all transform into bugs then combine into some frenzy-lile bot is just ridiculous, as is the Prime-Jetfire combo, its like these robots can basically do whatever the fuck they like. Saying that Prime/Jetfire is pretty badass when he kills the Fallen.

    Action is top notch but its just a load of fight scenes pieced together with no concern of 'reality'.

    I'm actually thinking number 3 would be better off with a new director?

    But I want to go see it again :)

  31. so explain this jetfire/prime combo? and who is sacrificed and how for megatron?

  32. how come great sequences in great sequels get stuffed up? I bet the Fallen is like this

    The Fallen : YES I AM FREE
    OPTIMUS/JETFIRE: YES ( shoves a spike throught the Fallen's head) and thats the end of that.

    if its like that then wats the point of it calling revenge of the fallen if the fallen gets killed the minute he comes on fully? if its like that then its another stuff up for america.

  33. OK now to an Inportant question of mine :D
    is this movie better than the first one?

  34. spoilers alert!
    I saw it last night and totally agree with Scott about pretty much everything. And I'm sorry to say that I agree that maybe the 3rd should have another director because as movies go this one is a big mess. The first film (in my opinion) works so much better. This one has so many good ideas but never really runs with them or gets it quite right e.g. devastator is so underused and defeated way too easily, infact if youve seen the trailer theres not much more to see of him. the fallen...blink and you will have missed him. Jolt who? Alice...what a waste! Please for the next one can ratchet actually do something? how about being a goddamn MEDIC! Too many comic relief characters that dont actually have anything funny to say... the twins/wheelie/simmons/sam's roommate(minds gone blank...cant think of his name). And there is quite a long dull boring bit about 3/4s way through.
    Having said all that I still loved it. Optimus is one of the main reasons to watch and love this film. He totally kick ass from seeing him with his trailer at the start to the OMG forest scene (worth paying again and again for) to the prime/jetfire combo. God I love prime.
    Sideswipe good but underused (that word seems appropriate for most things in this movie)
    Jetfire was great too. Far funnier than any of the other comic relief characters Ive mentioned.
    judging by everyones reactions this maybe controversial....I thought soundwave was sooooo cool. Loved it how he just floated around in space tapping into satellites and kinda observed everything from afar. I never actually wanted to see him in bot mode anyway cuz I knew they couldnt do him justice. However his voice was disappointing.

    In a nut shell you will all love this movie cuz it has transformers in it. And like me will probably go and see it at least a couple more times. But it is a bad movie! And I think its time a new director got on board.

  35. Breath taking....the battle scene was epic....some few surprises.......that will make say, "Oh my God"

  36. Does anyone know who the Decepticon is that is black and has treads for arms and gets in a fist fight with Bumblebee in the trailers?

  37. I really enjoyed the film but so many ways things annoyed me. No explanation why some of the constructicons were duplicated. It would have been nice if they explained this or even had a proper introduction scene for them. Apart from the twins the new Autobots have no real character development. Sideswipe is amazing and potentially could be a really arrogant and vain character like G1 Tracks. Also Jolt was pointless, not explained why he is randomly seen in one scene and then briefly at the end.

  38. Unbelievable...people say on this board that we need a new director, the plot holes, no cohesion, DISAPPOINTING...but STILL GONNA WATCH THE MOVIE AGAIN??? MAKE UP YOUR MIND, ARE YOU RECOMMENDING THE MOVIE TO BE SEEN OR NOT??

  39. Of course I would recommend seeing it, not least to make up your own mind, but also to see the really cool parts, such as prime who is a real real arse kicking dude, seriously. But fans of the franchise will just think it's a really shoddy job plotwise.
    To answer some questions, the red bot fighting bumblebee is rampage, the same rampage who should be attached to devestor at the same time. Megatron, a bunch of constructicons jump of a ship and find megatron, the doctor examines him and says they need parts "take the small one" he says then the other co constructicons kill one of their own for parts.
    Go see it guys but in all honesty the first movie was done better

  40. Spoilers alert!!! (youve been warned!!)

    Yes I would recommend it to anyone who loves transformers because most of the action scenes are awesome. The humans bogged it down a lot and Sam in this one is less endearing and to be honest after Prime dying (which I almost shed a tear to) I didn't really care when Sam 'died'. And its not Shia's fault. He did what he could with the script. The problem is as Ive said before the film tries to be funny throughout with too many comic relief characters that are just not funny to warrant so many. And this kinda gets a little tiresome.

    So yes it is a bad movie and what Ive stated above is just one of the problems I have with the film. However you would be totally missing out if you dont go see this movie at the cinema. The action/transformers are worth seeing regardless. Put it this way....when I get it on DVD i'll be using scene selection to avoid boring/annoying bits and get to the good stuff.

  41. Grr, I posted a lengthy comment on here last night, but kept getting an error message.

    Bullet points, then:
    Susan Blu is NOT Arcee, but can't remember who is. Elise... something?
    And I'm pretty sure the guy that was suggested as Sideswipe is wrong, too.
    Devastator is made up of construction vehicles who don't transform into robots at all, so the whole epic thing of six robots forming a larger robot is lost. He just looks like a mess of vehicles.

    Michael York voices Prime #1.

    Soundwave's voice is Dr Claw, not G1 Megatron. Similar, but not quite the same.

    Barely any focus on Sideswipe, Arcee, Jolt, Ironhide or Ratchet. Entire focus of the movie (apart from Sam) is on Skids, Mudflap and Bumblebee. Bumblebee doesn't speak at all, only using his radio, and the squeaks and grunts from the first movie.

    The Twins are fun, but a mockery of Transformers, frankly.

    The only named characters (apart from the originals): Jolt (once, towards the end, and I'm pretty sure he never spoke), Arcee (called, at one point, "Arcee Twins"), Skids, Mudflap, Soundwave, The Fallen, Devastator.

    Mike Patton is NOT in the voice cast.

    Ravage dies, killed by Bumblebee in his fight with Rampage.

    Some more of the same with Sam's parents, Judy getting stoned because she (seemingly innocently) buys some hash brownies when taking Sam to college. They get kidnapped in France by the Decepticons and used as bargaining chips later on.

    Ramon Rodriguez is pure comic relief, and gets a bit tiresome.

    The claims of "40+ robots" is a bit misleading, as most are generic silver Frenzy-like bots, or protoform cannon fodder, the latter of which are also all silver, and look very similar to Megatron. I was ashamed to be a Transformers fan and not be able to tell who any of these characters were. They were all just nameless drones that didn't transform.

    ... and the Fallen never transforms either. Tony Todd pretty much uses his Commander Kurn voice from Star Trek.

    The aircraft carrier getting destroyed by protoforms is The Fallen's arrival later in the movie. He arrives with 3 others, but I don't recall ever seeing them.

    Megatron and Starscream are great together.

    The forest fight is superb. Prime rips Starscream's arm off and slaps him around with it.

    Prime's screentime is about the same as the first movie. But there is more of Megatron (who doesn't seem right in his role of apprentice).

    The Decepticon symbol is featured quite often, but the Autobot symbol only makes fleeting appearance, most notably on Prime's parachutes when he jumps from a dropship to engage Demolishor.

    No Seekers in the movie.

    Breakaway is not in the movie.

    Impressive CGI throughout, but they feel even less like Transformers than in the first movie.

    No Constructicons speak, though Demolishor does after Prime downs him. He's the one who tells Prime about The Fallen (before he shoots him in the head).

    You've pretty much seen the extent of Sideways from the trailers. No lines, and he's not named.

    Yup, the Constructicons seem to be drones like Sweeps...

    Barricade is not in the movie.

    Agent Simmons has Frenzy's head in a glass case. And he's a great character in this movie. He has Sector 7 underwear still... and he does survive the movie.

    Epps seems really dour in this movie. He sticks up for the Autobots but always seems distant.

    No mention (that I can remember) of McLaren or Mendelson Robotics in the movie, but and are both story points.

    No real stand-out fan-ish moments. Jetfire says "fleshling". And he also says "bollocks".

    It's a fun movie, genuinely funny in some bits, cringe-making in others... not as good a Transformers film as the first in many respects.
    Better battles, but again, it seems to be all about the humans.

  42. yeoo_andy_ni6/20/2009 7:05 AM

    All the comments make total sense at the moment.

    Optimus, Megatron, Starscream & Ravage were all done perfectly. Much more interaction with each other and had more of a resemblence to their G1 characters.

    Soundwave and Ravage were absolutely awesome, but it's annoying that Soundwave was in it so little. Bring on the 3rd movie as he'll hopefully be used more, and with any luck in equally as awseome of a way. Voice was spot on too, reminded me of G1 voice enough and the fact that it was Frank Welker was good enough for me.

    Sam's mum was the comic relief, apart from getting stoned, reminded me a lot of many many mum's I've seen.

    The good:
    -Main characters more like their G1 counterparts
    -Soundwave (although given very little screen time)
    -Megatron and Starscream having a lot of banter in the movie "Not to acuse you of being a coward Lord Megatron, but sometimes cowards survive." Genius.
    -Devestators appearance

    The bad:
    -Devestator not used nearly enough.
    -Alice, although an interesting idea, just didn't feel right in the movie.
    -Arcee(s) didn't get enough screen time.
    -WTF is with the shape of the Matrix?!

  43. tell me arcee is mikaela bike??????????????

  44. arcee is not mikaela's bike

  45. Very Minor Spoiler At The End:

    The reason a lot of the bots from devestator are repeated in other fight scenes is due to licences that they have got from the manufacturers, if esentially the movie is one giant GM advert then other car manufacturers will be reluctant to have their cars in there as most likely they will be decepticons and won't get as much screen time. The plot of the movie isn't great but to be honest I went to see the bots fighting, don't really care if sam's mum gets stoned or anything else to do with the meat sacks to be honest, just some good ol' fashioned bot ass whooping. Devestator was underused but then again he is far too slow to be in the battle, and is more useful in uncovering the sun harvester which is his job in the movie.

  46. rushed to see the film last night after a 12 hour shift and no dinner but man it was well worth it....

    firstly i was disapointed with soundwaves voice but defo not woth him not coming to earth!!! he was awsum at what he did in the satelight and if he did come to earth the film wouldnt make sence

    the fight sceens are out of this world with bumblee bee fighting scrapper or what ever he is called at the end total amazing!!!! and the devestater transforming how the first guy basically pulled every decepticon into him forcing the constucticon if you like.... awsum

    the mum gettin stoned on brownies was funny as hell man where did everyones scene of humor go???

    the twins and wheelie are funny, what about when that room mate leggs it but comes back and mudflap calls him a fucking pussy i was in tears it was funny as fuck!!!

    being honest the reviews are correct where the plot is shockingly bad but the action sceans are amazing!!! hope this helps folks trust me you might be a little disapointed by silly simple things like soundwaves voice but come on its one hell of a no holes barred kick ass film and prime is well bad ass!!!

  47. as and that the Devastator to die?

  48. Justsome other SPOILER points, that people have asked about

    Jetfire gets injured during the final battle, can't remember who by. But he rips out his spark and tell prime to use his parts to 'feel a power like you never have before', or something similar.

    Mixmaster can't fly as was mentioned a few weeks ago, as has been said you so so little of the Constructicons you have no idea of their characters, powers or roles, actually I think only Rampage is named.

    Megatron is a triple changer but you don't see any decent footage of his alt modes as he's either flying or speeding off with no close ups.

  49. Wow I'm glad most of these comments tell dual sided opinions rather then just trying to bring it down or make it look so far outta this world.I'm definitely going to go see it when it comes out because I mean why hate something if you never give it a try?

  50. From Birmingham England I was a fan of the cartoon when I was young and I fell in Love with Transformers again when the first Film came out. The film is packed with action, humour, emotion, romance and a good story but more importantly......TRANSFORMERS !! I loved the film and as with anything in life, you can't please everyone all the time and there are going to be bits that people dislike for their own reasons but the fiml overall is MASSIVE fun :) Any questions I can hlp with then fire away ! Jon

  51. Just got back from seeing it today, although it wasn't the best film I've seen this year it was still pretty damn good. I'd highly reccomend it.

  52. Another point of note - Jetfire aside (who never actually becomes an Autobot, just isn't a Decepticon anymore), all of the Autobots survive this movie.
    Simmons emerges a hero, and shakes Lennox's hand at the end. Mrs Lennox isn't in the movie.
    The film is bookended identically to the first, kicking off with Prime narrating the basic plot to come, end ending with him saying "I am Optimus Prime, and I'm sending this message so we remember our past" or words to that effect.
    There are two credits-based segments, neither Transformer-based. Just establishing that Sam went back to college.
    Transformers seem unable to speak in vehicle mode...
    Simmons uses the words "Autobots", "Decepticons" and "Transformers", and has 75 years worth of Sector Seven paperwork in the basement of his shop.

    Remember that first ever shot of the ice cream van, and people thought they saw a Decepticon symbol under the window? There is one, but it's an insult, something like: "(Decepticon symbol) suck mine".
    The Twins reformat after returning to the Autobots' hangar after the Shanghai mission. The Beat and Trax are parked there, and they decide to 'upgrade' on the spot. Behind a curtain, they circle the cars, arguing over who gets to be the green one, then reformat unseen.
    That clip from one of the TV spots where Skids says "It's upgrade time" takes footage from where they say they don't read much, with the dialogue from the hangar scene dubbed over.

    I'll post more as I remember it...

    In hindsight, I can't wait to watch it in the comfort of my own home. There is one shot in particular that really stood out for me; a swooping aerial shot of the Autobots reaching Prime in the forest and warding the Decepticons off. They looked more real than ever. I can't describe it here, it's something you'll have to watch to do it justice.

  53. Oh yeah, Deep Roy (who played the Oompah Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) plays an Egyptian border guard. At least, I'm 99% sure it was him.

    Showing how recently this film was finished, Sam makes a reference to swine flu...

  54. Who dies and who lives?

  55. Also, one random Decepticon forcibly has his spark removed to revive Megatron, on the order of the Doctor, as opposed to one willingly giving himself up. "The little one," the Doctor calls him. The other Decepticons overpower the victim with little effort, rip him apart, and get his spark.

  56. @Jon Adams

    was there anything after the credits? like the first movie had starscream leaving the atmosphere. nothing after this leading into the third movie??????? weakkkkkkkk

  57. Just remembered the hatchlings... Decepticons being born out of organic goo. Makes no sense... based on the fact that some Hasbro rep didn't know how Transformers are 'born', he created that. Maybe he should've used the mitosis process from the Generation 2 comics. That would've looked cool on screen.

    Soundwave 'ejects' Ravage from space, fires him to Earth from a cannon as a protoform. Ravage never transforms into anything.

    The transformation noise features heavily at one point. Ravage deposits hundreds of ballbearings into the facility where an AllSpark shard is being kept. They all transform into mini robots, which all merge into a paper-thin Decepticon. This process takes about a minute of screentime, and the transformation noise happens pretty much continuously during it.

  58. Those Orci and Kurtzman clowns really need to stop writing stories....i thought the plotline for the first one was bad but this ones a complete joke .

    Am pretty sure there wasnt much script writing going on when the three were locked in a room

  59. Confirmed, Deep Roy is an Egyptian border guard in the movie, during a scene where Simmons pretends Sam, Mikaela and Leo are his kids.

  60. New voice cast:
    Grey DeLisle: Arcee (nearly an anagram of Elise... I had only a second to scan the voice cast in the cinema!)
    Tony Todd: The Fallen
    Mark Ryan: Jetfire
    Reno Wilson/Tom Kenny: Skids & Mudflap
    André Sogliuzzo: Sideswipe
    Tom Kenny: Wheelie
    Frank Welker: Soundwave/Devastator

  61. Scorponok is the one who wounds Jetfire, He lasts about a minute on screen before Jetfire kills him. I remember a load of green insectoid goo spraying out of him when he was crushed.

  62. Ruairi Connolly6/21/2009 10:12 AM

    Seen it at 00:05am on the 19th in Belfast Totally bad ass. Fuckin loved the movie.

    Optimus was so much cooler than the first movie, this time you could actually believe that 'yeah, you kinda deserve to lead the last best hope of universal existence'.

    Optimus as i said was awsome. Bumblebee again is so much better than the first time around...kicks the shit out of everyone. Ratchet and Ironhide were kinda swept aside... only a few lines each but still awsome.
    The twins were better than i expected and had some great scenes and lines.

    Arcee and sideswipe were totally underused although both had amazing potential. At first i thought the 3 bikes with one brain was dumb...but not anymore. Jetfire was pretty cool also and wheelie kinda disapered after turning autobot. Really disappionted with Jolt though, i was really looking forward to seeing him but he had about a minute screen time although he does jumpstart the the jetfire and prime combo process with his electro whips.

    Deceptions...megatron seemed a bit of pussy after you discover hes an apprentice, starscream s coolio and the constructions too...although reali underused

    Twins fight...Mudflap 'Damn that hurt'
    Skids 'It's an ass kickin its supposed to hurt'

    Twins (as ice-cream truck) - Deceptions suck my popsicle'

    Leo 'thats it man i gotta get outta here'
    Mudflap 'aww hell man this guys a pussy'

    Jetfire after failing to detroy a door 'BOLLOCKS!!'

    Jetre after his skirmish with scorponox 'im gettin too old for this shit'

  63. Spoiler warning just in case

    From what I saw in the final battle one of the Arcee twins died(I think could barely tell if she exploded or just got shot)and yes Devastator's role is extremely saddening taken out with one shot...but I didnt really see Bonecrusher at all but I'll prolly go watch it again.
    The plot was kinda good but it started out all over the place like wild rats in a sewer.
    Although there might be alot of bad parts the good parts make up for it 10 fold.
    Soundwave I liked alot shows how smart he is unlike the rest of the decepticons who seemed to be bumbling idiots in the final battle almost all of them were killed in a single hit.
    The battle between Jetprime and the Fallen is very fast like alot of people have said kinda sucks in a way but it was still awsome!


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