Monday, June 22, 2009

ROTF Deleted Scenes On DVD?

The movie isn't even out and already plans are in the works for the DVD and Blu-ray release of the movie. According to, when asked about how many minutes of deleted scenes, he said "we're figuring that out right now. It could be seven, eight." He was also asked a few questions about shooting for IMAX.
I then asked him if there was any thought of doing even more in IMAX? He said, “Yeah. I regret not shooting Petra in IMAX. The IMAX is very expensive. To make digital effects in IMAX is expensive. It’s a budget concern really.”

I then asked if he would use IMAX on all his future movies. He replied, “I don’t know. If the movie serves it, but I think it’s a neat idea.”


  1. Does anyone know, when they will release the DVD?
    And will there be a "special edition" DVD (with making of, and so on...), like the first movie had?

  2. Well in Australia its getting released in November but you guys in the US might get it in October? I have no Idea on exact release dates.. I cant wait! 2 days 2 go!! Its gonna be awesome!

  3. i´m pretty sure that there will be a normal dvd and a 2-disc-special edition along with the bluray and maybe a collectors box with a figure or some stuff in it. and i really hope that they are releasing revenge of the fallen the way they did it with the dark knight, switching aspect ratios for the imax scenes

  4. and i think that it will be released in the window between the 15th november and the 1st of december

  5. Who is he? Michael Bay? If the success of the first two are any indication to Paramount, along with Star Trek, why wouldn't they allow to budget both franchises to totally be done in IMAX, especially Star Trek. You can really get the immersiveness of space with IMAX, not to mention the ability to relate to how large the Transformers would be in reality.

  6. Primemega da atb say.... Tam.... Tam Tam

  7. I certainly hope they'll have a special edition with deleted scenes! (Not like the kriffing SE for the first one; not many extras!)

    *Minor Spoiler*

    Remember there's that quick line exchange in the trailers that isn't in the film ("Looks exactly like a truck." *Transforms* "Freaky, right?")


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