Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shia Talks Transformers 2 Secrets

In an article from the AP, Shia LaBeouf discusses some of the story beats from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and the injuries he experienced both on and off the set. Snippets below, full article here. Thanks to Mauricio for the link.
"He hurts his hand in the middle of a human transfer," LaBeouf explains cryptically. "Sorry this is so mysterious. There's just certain words I can't say."

"Revenge of the Fallen" begins with LaBeouf's character, Sam Witwicky, heading off to college to distance himself from his shape-shifting robot friends. Sam's beloved Camaro, which transforms into Bumblebee, sits in the garage "sort of like his (parole officer), his guardian," LaBeouf said during a recent interview.

While at school, Sam starts seeing symbols through "epileptic seizure-type fits of information transfer," LaBeouf said. "He just becomes a factual volcano." The symbols form a map to an energy source the robots need to control sentient beings, LaBeouf said.

The actor becomes visibly excited when talking about "Transformers," his slight frame buzzing in a button-down shirt and skinny black tie. His left hand is wrapped in gauze, with a splint propping up one finger. "It's like 11 days out of surgery," he said, referring to a procedure to remove screws that stabilized his digits after the accident. "It's not broken, but it's newly not-broken," LaBeouf said.

"There's far more stunts this time," he said. "Aside from the fact that I was making the whole movie with a broken hand, my knee has stitches, my eye had stitches, my back was gouged."

During one scene, LaBeouf said he "literally stabbed myself in the eye" and had to be treated at a military hospital. Though credit may be due for toughness, it's LaBeouf's natural warmth that makes him perfect to play Sam, the film's screenwriters say.


  1. MTV Awards Clip in HD from allociné ;) (french site)

  2. Here is de MTV Movie Awards Clip on

  3. Damn!! Youtube deleted my clip, but can download in HD Here

  4. still no talk about Soundwave. we have seen a pic or still of every decepticon that will be featured in the movie so I have finally given up and decided we will not see Soundwave. weakkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

  5. i dont know maybe soundwaves being sealed up kinda how the cloverfield monster wasnt revealed up until the movie came out

  6. @ Mcat - you can't expect them to give it all away. Soundwave is a highly anticipated character. The other one, Devastator, they've already shown clips of. Leave something to the imagination and the $10 movie ticket!!

    - Hud

  7. @hud
    They don't hold anything back. They put the best shots in the trailers. If we see soundwave, I bet you it's only in satellite form.

  8. If they show the fallen they'll show every important character. That means a minimum part for soundwave.

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