Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wizard Interview With Shia

Despite the sexy cover image of Megan Fox, it turns out to be a bait and switch as the July issue of Wizard magazine really has an interview with Transformers 2 star Shia LaBeouf. In the published Q&A session, he discusses working on the film, his hand injury, and working with Megan Fox. Here are a few questions and answers but you can view the entire article by clicking the images below. The issue is on newsstands and at comic book stores now.
When you think of working with Megan Fox for this movie, is there one particular moment that comes to mind?
Yes, absolutely. I remember we were going to film on a battleship carrier...these dudes are sent away from land for six months and [longer]. Have not seen a female specimen such as Megan for quite a while. Megan Fox and "Transformers" shows up on a boat full of men that are trippin' balls. They don't give a f--- about Transformers! They just care about Megan Fox being on the ship. She had to stay in the captain's quarters. And there's only one captain's quarters... It's not like dudes are losing their mind to the point of being rude or anything like that, it's just quiet looks from across the room. Megan's...dealing with it like a champ.

How did they incorporate [the hand injury]?
Well, Sam actually injures his hand in the midst of transit. Basically, you got people falling out of the sky in the middle of a transportation called the Space Bridge, which was written in the script before my injury ever happened. You don't spend much time on it; you don't dwell on it. It's dealt with the way that injuries have been dealt with before [during film productions].


  1. Lots and lots of updates coming in now, eh? Keep up the good work!

    I can't wait for T2. 20 more days, baby! ^^

  2. Only 16 more days you mean?!

    Oh yeah, you don't live in the UK!!

  3. new transformers poster for myspace

  4. New poster:

  5. Shameful promotions on behalf of Wizard.
    We've all seen her cleavage. They know what
    people want and that's boobs.

  6. megan...GOD!!!!

  7. Battleship Carrier?? I've got 20 years in the Navy and strangly enough I've never come across one of those before lol.


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