Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Digital Domain's CGI Work for ROTF

I have posted a few times about ILM's efforts for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen but now its Digital Domain's turn with two articles.

The first article from Gizmodo covers how Alice (Isabel Lucas) was transformed into a dangerous robot by the company. The process involved "advanced particle simulation to tear 10,000 pieces of skin away" that Bay found lacking so 40 frames were added of a close-up with 50 pieces being removed that was done by and by five guys over three months for those two seconds of action. The full details with pictures is here.

The second article from CGSociety also covers the Alice sequence but also touches on four others that Digital Domain worked on - the kitchen bots (8 in total), Wheelie, Soundwave and Reed Man. The total shots were about 130. Reed Man is razor thin robot that forms from the combined nano-bugs that Ravage spit out in the movie. The article covers some of the technical hurdles necessary to create the scenes and Bay's creative input on putting the scenes together. The full two page article is here.


  1. Ice Age 3 now on top

  2. well alice was one of the worst things in the movie....she had NO involvement in the story whatsoever! so they could have just leave her out anyway and spend those 3 month of work on something else...better story telling or script for example =)

  3. hey admin!!

    can we have a topic called; "things I want in TF3"?? we can all write our lists of things like story plots and robots we want in the 3rd film. such a topic can also very well be looked at by movie-concerned people and us fans can have an outlet for ideas.


  4. great stuffs

  5. I thought Alice was a great part for the movie. It tested the long-distance relationship strains between Sam and Mikaela, certainly something to consider when you're in college. And it came off quite hilarious and resulted in funny dialogue between Sam and Mikaela in the library. Well, I thought it was funny anyway.

    The surprise of her being a Pretender will certainly come off being like she was a Terminator rip-off, but I didn't see it that way at all. Like hello, there's a TON of movies with cyborgs and transforming humanoid robots out there. I loved it when Sam was all squealing AAAHH!!!

    The manual CGI of Alice reminds me of the early days of manually compositing numerous frames for Terminator 2 Judgment Day. ILM had to remove guide wires, erase limbs, and other neat things.

  6. i liked how they incorporated alice as a pretender in the movie, but i didn't like the character design itself. it didn't have that transformers feel to it, like all the others have. it was too terminator-ish. it doesn't come as a surprise since digital domain created it. wheelie, soundwave were great, kitchen bots were somewhat corny, and i'm not so sure with the reed man. it was somewhat corny with the razor thin idea, but it has a terrifying feel to it. anybody agree?

  7. yo admin, i agree with anonymous at 9:47. lets have a topic where we can all share our thoughts into the next transformers movie, whether there will be or not. it might crash this site, since everybody will comment, but improvise.


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