Saturday, July 25, 2009

Humorous Take on Twins "Controversy"

On Adam Carolla's podcast show for Tuesday, he discussed the recent controversy regarding the Twins and their "racist" behavior. Not really interested in re-hashing that regardless of what size you fall on but did find Adam and Kevin's Hench take amusing.

To hear that segment of the podcast, click here. Then click "Listen Now", in the list choose "Adam and Kevin Hench". Once the podcast starts, use the scrollbar below the football field to go to the 27:43 mark. It goes for about three minutes. Thanks to Ian for the heads-up.

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  1. Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Don't people listen or pay attention or understand what's going on anymore ? The Twins don't say they can't read "at all". They say they can't read Ancient Cybertronian and that "they don't read MUCH". To be accurrate, they say: "Read? No, we don't really do much readin', not so much." Now where does it imply anywhere that they can't read at all? There's alot of people that can read but choose not too. And how is this supposed to be racist? This is how HATE rumors are started, people who don't understand anything and believe everything they're told.


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