Sunday, July 26, 2009

ROTF Blu-ray IMAX Mode, Best Buy Gift Set

Despite being months away, new hints are coming out about plans for the Blu-ray release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen according to Home Media Magazine.

In addition, Best Buy has already posted a pre-order page for a ROTF Blu-ray Gift set that appears to include an Optimus Prime bust for $49.99. If not interested in that, Amazon has their pre-order page for the Blu-ray edition and two-disc DVD edition up.
“It will have a lot of additional things,” [ROTF producer Lorenzo] di Bonaventura said. “There are a lot of scenes we weren’t able to fully incorporate, and we’re going to make it as exciting as we can for the fans.” Some of that extra footage did find its way into theaters, in the IMAX cut.

Bay admits the process of putting together a big budget special effects movie leaves little time to consider the film’s home video afterlife. In fact, he says he didn’t even bother watching any of the major robot battle sequences as they were being created. “I didn’t want to see it during the process because I wanted to be surprised in the theater,” Bay says.

We’re going to do a special IMAX skew where it’ll open up for those scenes,” Bay says. “You can see top to bottom.”
This is something the Blu-ray Edition of the Dark Knight did. I am guessing that during IMAX scenes the screen will essentially switch (but smoothly) from a widescreen like aspect ratio to a full screen view like was done in the IMAX theatres.

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  1. Amazon has the 2 disc DVD (non blu-ray) on presale for $24.99 right now. They said it might go down, and if it does, I will pay the cheaper price. I ordered it though!


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