Thursday, July 02, 2009

Transformers: ROTF Top Grossing Movie Worldwide

As of Wednesday, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen surpassed Angels & Demons as the top grossing movie of 2009 worldwide with a total worldwide total of $474.8 million to Angels $461.6 million. It still remains behind Up ($256.5M) and Star Trek ($256.5M) for the top rank domestically with a total of $239.4 million. Wednesday also marked the first time since its release that Transformers 2 was not ranked number 1. It took in a US box office of $11 million to Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs' first day gross of $13.8 million. This is an 82% drop in sales from last Wednesday but then anything close to that first day total of $62 million is unrealistic expectation.

International sales added an additional $14.2 million to the coffers. In general, it seems for a movie to reach monster status, it has to be equally popular internationally as it is in the states and in this case the breakdown stands at 50.4% of the total worldwide gross comes from the states and 49.6% everywhere else. That basically means for every dollar spent in the states, a dollar is being spent elsewhere. The net result is a doubling of expected profits since overseas sales is never a given but necessary if a film is to reach the $500M or more club that studios love to achieve. July the 4th is expected to cause the box office to take a hit but clearly overseas sales will mitigate the loss of momentum.

Box Office Totals (in millions)

*estimate of sales, **no day to day breakdown available


  1. Not surprising in the least. TF2 had a strong day Wednesday, but it wouldn't be able to compete with a new movie on its opening night. But still, good numbers for a movie that opened a week ago.

  2. REVENGE NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!!!! anyway, I forgot something I should do (for the third time) on monday ^^...

  3. apparently Megan Fox isn't grateful that she was a part of Transformers.

  4. Fox snubed us when in Bethlehem,Pa. first week of shooting. Josh and Tyrese were very nice to us signing autographs and chating with us. As for ROTF tix sales some did'nt go first week because of the mass amount of people going here especilly scence some of it was shot here in Bethlehem ( opening scenes first 8 min )Devestator smahin the heck out of china and the copters etc. Thank you Michael Bay for coming to our town it was a once in a life time thing. Hope you come back for T3 :-)

  5. As far as the interview with Megan Fox, I think her head is getting a little big for her. I've seen her in another movie where she had a pretty large part, and she was awful. She is only good at one thing and that's looking HOT! Bay knew this, and that's why he cast her. Shia is the lead, and he does a pretty good job in the role, but he's also had more acting experience. Can Megan become a good actress? Hell yeah! But she needs a LOT more acting experience. Even if she had a bigger role in this movie, her acting would have ruined the movie completely because she isn't ready yet.

    I'm totally on Bay's side on this. She needs to realize that what Bay did for her with this movie is open doors. He wasn't looking to teach her everything about acting, just open doors for her so she can start getting the experience.

  6. megan fox..... oh megan megan megan... by far the sexiest woman i have seen in a long time.. and damn u look great in leather and white pants.. but how dare you criticize Mr. Bay's approach to your involvement in this film, as far as i'm concerned, for this sequel, there was no need for you. You should count your blessings that you were even a part of Michael's vision for the second time around, because nobody knew who you were before he attatched you to this franchise!!! But i still love you, and would do anything for you! :)


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