Monday, August 10, 2009

ROTF DVD Artwork?

UK Retailer has posted potential artwork for the one and two disc release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It also possible this is just a good mock-up to help drive pre-order sales. Sadly, the exact release date to home video remains unknown. (source)

ROTF One-Disc ArtROTF Two-Disc Art


  1. Look pretty good. Optimus looks like crap in that 2-disc cover. I'm going to assume that the 2-disc will also represent the Blu-ray as well. Can't complain.

  2. sideswipecp888/10/2009 10:54 PM

    I like the single disc one better but if u go to youtube and type in bumblebee1500 and check his vids you'il see the real dvd cover

  3. sideswipecp888/10/2009 11:07 PM

    here the link:
    (sorry it didn't work, just highlight it and drag it in to your search bar)

  4. Typically the DVD cover of the single disc is the movie's final poster. The one that shows all the actors and stuff.

  5. I must admit the cover sucks. They just have Prime standing there in his poster pose with the two fleshlings running forwards. Boring!

    I wanted the Fallen standing there flames behind him and all that stuff not another lame look. Hopefully the DVD Menu has that and not just robots standing there.

  6. Is it just me, or is there a HUGE decline in the quality of DVD covers lately? (I especially noticed it with “The Incredible Hulk” (2008) )

    I’m not a big fan of those DVD covers. The ‘2-Disc Special Edition’ looks okay, but 2-disc editions usually come with a coloured border around the edge (just take the blue from the top of the cover and continue it around the edges).

    I personally always purchase the ‘2-Disc Special Edition’ of movies, and this will be no exception. … Unless they come out with an epic, ‘3-DISC DELUXE EXTENDED EDITION!!!!’, then I’ll just purchase the DVD with the most bonus features. :)

    Now, let’s just hope that they take their time and do a good job with the “RotF” DVD, including the bonus features. I was thoroughly disappointed with the first film’s bonus features and menus [and seeing how they released the DVD ~3.5 months after it was released in theatres, I think they rushed it]. I’d rather wait a longer time and get a better product from them. Like, I think that mid-November is reasonable for these 2 DVD’s, and then mid-December for the ‘3-DISC DELUXE EXTENDED EDITION!!!!’. They could cash in on the fact that it’s so close to Christmas!

    Here’s hoping for awesome bonus features! … and better looking covers!

  7. i´m hopong that the movie comes as soon as possible to our home theatres. i for myself will be getting the collectors edition bluray disc set with the optimus prime head skulpture. hopefully its the same size as the terminator skull;)

  8. I don't care about the cover, I just want the DVD,.... NOW!!! ;)

  9. I can't believe people still buy DVD's!?!?!?! Isn't Bluray the ONLY way to go with a film like this??

  10. i like the way the 2-disk edition looks and blurays are a little expensive

  11. i think the 2- disc artwork is fine ,but with shia and megan and bumblebee on it ,i garuntee they will sell hundreds of them

  12. Look pretty good. I liked it.

  13. the steel poster would have been better. but the two disc cover isn't too bad. Makes you wonder how Optimus got all the scratches and stuff if you haven't seen it. I have, but had a friend that hadn't yet and really like the second cover better

  14. I like both, but the 2-disc looks way better. I hope they use the poster where BB stands in front of Prime's head for the Blu-ray that I will buy.

    In The Netherlands(where I live) the pre-order for the 1disc dvd is set on dec.17. Normally dvd and blu-ray come at the same time.

    @ TylerMirage:the cover from The Incredible Hulk rules!

    Anyway, I can't wait to see the extra IMAX-scenes on blu-ray!!!!!!


  15. @Anonymous - 6:26pm

    Don't get me wrong, I love "The Incredible Hulk" as a film AND when it comes to DVD's, but I just didn't care for the look of them. I myself have the '3-Disc Special Edition', the one that looks like they have pre-production concept art as the cover. ( And the single-disc version isn't much better [can we say 'copy and paste'?]: (

    I was just hoping for a little better when it came to that movie. However, I'm starting to like the look of the '2-Disc Special Edition' of "RotF" more and more.

    Also, I was thinking that they were going to use the movie poster with Prime's head, Bumblebee's head and the Bethlemhem steel plant/pyramid in the background:( for the single-disc version.

  16. ei guys what's the difference between a regular DVD to a 2 DVD edition


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