Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Swerve, Soundwave, Skywarp and Perceptor

Yep more galleries of toys to come. They include Swerve (that I have seen at Target), a black repaint of Soundwave (sheesh how many repaints does he need?), Masterpiece Skywarp in packaging, and Perceptor.

Swerve - Red repaint of Sideswipe that remains one of the best designs from the ROTF line
Masterpiece Skywarp - Was a Japan only exclusive, now will be available in Wal-Mart stores in a few months. It’s simply a repaint of Masterpiece Starcream from a few years ago. If you don't already have that toy, this one should easily be at the top of your purchase list.
Black Soundwave - Not sure but this could be an E-Hobby exclusive so will not be cheap. A repaint of the deluxe toy. The image to the right is from here.
Perceptor in Packaging - Exclusive to Toys R Us, Commemorative Series G1 Perceptor is a re-release of the toy from nearly 25 years ago. This had been previously released in Japan only about three years ago as part of their "bookcase" series (#19 I believe).

Of note, this is the 2,000th post on the blog. Lot of writing over the last four years and probably more to go. (source)


  1. keep'em comming I know tranformers news is alittle slow now but that doesn't stop me from checking this site 2 or 3 times a day!


  3. I have a toy related question. I have been researching the Arcee bikes online and the potential combiner aspect. They have to combine, it is the only explanation for their wonky robot modes. I understand that the third bike (Moonracer?) hasn't been released and might not. Does anyone have any info or has anyone attempted to assemble Arcee and Chromia?

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  5. Wow! Nice blog. I liked it.


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