Monday, February 08, 2010

Tony Todd in Transformers 3?

Tony Todd, voice of the Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, indicated he returns to Transformers 3 in an interview with Den of Geek. Considering the Fallen was killed in the second film there is no telling what the role could be as he could lend his voice to the Fallen (say via a flashback), a new character, or he could have been hired to play a human character for the movie. It is a bit of casting news can't complain about once it's officially verified. Below is the Transformers related portion of the interview where he discusses his casting (but no details) and working on Transformers 2. Tony also talks about other career highlights, recent directing work and more in the full interview. Thanks to Chris and RY for the link.
Are you involved in Transformers 3 do you think?

You want to quote me? What I was told last month, yes. But that's Hollywood!

Is there anything you can tell us about it? It's got to be worth a try.
No! There's more of it! [Laughs, starts thumping desk and making explosion sound effects]. Something along those lines!

It must be fun to do?
I felt like a big kid. When Michael Bay called me, I'd worked with him before on The Rock, and he called me and said, "Tony, I might have something for you." I said, "Okay, you haven't called me in ten years!" He said, "I've been busy!" I said, "I've been busy too Michael, glad we could make our schedules match!"

So he brings me and he's got this enormous computer bank with these half-finished robots, and it looks like a little bit of animation, drawings, black and whites, finished stuff. I can see the joy in him, because he's a big kid with a director's set. And he's got robots, 250 people working for him, and he's saying, "You see this, you see that, you're going to take over the world." I'm watching this man showing me, and I'm like, " Do you want me to do it like that, or do you want my interpretation of it?"

How many days were you on it?
I did ten sessions, and the sessions usually last for three or four hours. And as a matter of fact, I was doing a play in New York, August Wilson's Fences, and in the middle of rehearsals I get a call saying they need another session. So they sent me to a remote place which is not like Michael, because he's very hands on. And when I showed up I could tell that these guys had just got a phone call from somebody, because they were white as ghosts. They were not looking at me. It was top secret shit or something. And I looked at the transcript that had come over the fax and it didn't say what the project was. It just said ‘Tony Todd's lines'. So I knew that the fear of God had been instilled. That's when I knew I was in a Michael Bay film!

And then he was directing me over the phone, my cell phone. While we're looking at this, and these guys weren't even looking what was on screen, as I guess everyone's afraid of piracy these days. Rightfully so, I guess.


  1. Piracy? Since TF1 and 2 made so much money, piracy was obviuosly not a problem. I think he confused it with "leaking information of an unfinished product".

  2. Freakin awesome!! I'll bet he's gonna do another Decepticon voice, he's got a perfect voice for that!!
    I dont think it's for The Fallen flashback scenes, but for a new Decepticon.
    Hopefully Shockwave!!



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