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Toy Fair 2010 Transformers Info and Gallery Linkfest

Power Core SuperionThis weekend the 2010 Toy Fair was held in New York and Hasbro had their year's worth of Transformer plans on full display. News of note include confirmation of the Power Core Combiners line, new Generations line, War for Cybertron toys, the dropping of "Revenge of the Fallen" naming from the line and renaming RPM to "Action Fleet". Also yes, a year later the rumors are confirmed, a combiner mode for Arcee will be introduced via online instructions once Elita-1 (repaint of Chromia) is released.

Below is a summary of the released plans, most of the links below are to galleries from the fine folks at TFormers and TFW2005. In effect this post is a summary of their efforts in getting all this Transformers goodness to the fans.

Transformers (Fall 2010)
- Hunt for Decepticons: New subline, will replace NEST Global Alliance, which will have codes inside that can be used to "locate Decepticons and battle them" apparently using a Silverlight based online game.
- Legends class: Long Haul, Sandstorm, and Ravage
Transformers scout Hubcap- Scout class: Insecticon (based on ROTF appearance), Breacher, Hubcap (alt mode is 1950s roadster), and Brimstone (chopper)
- Deluxe class: Ironhide (new mold, comes with drone and artillery weapon from ROTF video game), Battle Blades Bumblebee (new mold, battle axe, cannon, and flip down visor), Sea Attack Ravage (based on Diego Garcia battle), Jetblade (alt mode a jet), Sidearm Sideswipe (pistols hidden in chest), Hailstorm (missile carrier alt mode), and Elita-1 (final motorcycle, online instructions will show how to combine with Arcee and Chromia).
- Voyager class: Sea Spray, Ratchet (repaint), Payload (repaint), Optimus Prime (removable Matrix of Leadership, swords, tank canisters for pistols).
- Leader class: Starscream, Optimus Prime (based on Forest Battle with hooks, battle damaged paint job, and Battle Ops Bumblebee (2 inches taller than normal leader class, battle mask, converting arm cannon, with sounds).
- Human Alliance Jazz: New addition to HA line, comes with Captain Lennox and motorcycle that transformers artillery piece for Jazz.
- Activators: Based on Transformers: Animated line, one button transformations "designed with the younger child in mind, conversion is triggered by pressing the [faction] shield."

Transformers: Power Core Combiners (Fall 2010)
- 2-pack: 1 scout class size figure and 1 mini-con size figure, retail for $9.99
- 5-pack: 1 scout class size figure and 4 legends, retail for $19.99. So far appears to be Combaticons (form Bruticus) and Arielbots (form Superion).
- Any mini-con figure can connect to any scout figure so any combined mode combination is possible.

TF Generations DarkmountTransformers: Generations
- A TF: Universe 3.0 of sorts that will be Deluxe class figures only that seems to be a catch all for various TF properties.
- Comic Based Figures: Drift (based on IDW character), Thrust (new seeker mold), Darkmount (new name for Straxus, from Marvel TF books in the 80s with artillery gun and tank alt modes)
- War for Cybertron: Confirms leaks, with Cybertronian version of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron based on the upcoming video game.

- Optimus Prime Cyber Sword (Fall 2010): "...allows kids to role play just like the fearless leader..." Has electronic lights, battle sounds and movie phrases. Retails for $19.99.
- Action Fleet Stealth Force: The renamed RPM line with new diecast cars, Bumblebee themed track set, G1 Hound inspired car, and more.
- Weeble Wobbles: Egg shapped toys that will come in a three pack of Generation 1 Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron for around $8.
- Marvel Crossovers: The line continues, with a Spider-Man/Ironhide combiner, new X-Force Wolverine, Secret Wars Spider-Man, and Iron Man.
- Star Wars Crossovers: More for this line, I think based on the Clone Wars vehicles but not 100% sure.

Even more galleries:
Official Hasbro Images
From Hasbro, official images of many of the new toys coming out this year including War for Cybertron figures, Power Core Combiners and more. Many are repeat of links above, just combined into one large set.

Transformers Gallery
Large 118 image gallery that shows off the next wave of Transformers including Human Alliance Jazz with Captain Lennox, Leader class Starscream, and many more. Many are repeat of links above, just combined into one large set.

War for Cybertron BumblebeeTransformers: Generations Gallery
Look at all the figures being released as part of this new line of TFs.

Powercore Transformers
More images of the display for the new Power Core line of toys that are coming later this year.

Transformers Panel Summary and Video
Click the link for images, video and information from Hasbro's presentation at Toyfair for post ROTF Transformers line.

Power Core Combiners and Others
Large gallery that shows off the new Power Core Combiners line, Transformers Generations series with Drift and Thrust and a look and War for Cybertron Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Hunt for Decepticon Images
More display images of Transformers that will likely carry the "Hunt for Decepticons" moniker when released.

TF Generations, Battle Optimus Prime and More
Another gallery that shows off Drift, Thrust, Sea Spray, Battle Damaged Optimus Prime, Jetblade and Backfire.

Weeble Wobbler Gallery
A look at this rather unusual addition to the Transformers line of products.

Masterpiece Grimlock Toys R Us Exclusive
Confirmed by Hasbro, for the first time a Masterpiece figure will not be sold by Wal-Mart but by Toys R Us. I wonder if the change might be due to the very short shelf life Wal-Mart has been giving the Masterpiece line for the last few years were even now MP Skywarp has been removed from shelves after barely three months on sale. He will come with crown and sword, no price nor date provided.

SDCC Exclusive Blaster2010 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive
Hasbro announced that re-issue of G1 Blaster with Steeljaw, Ramhorn, and Eject will be the exclusive Transformer figure for the Comic-con. This is a mirror of the Soundwave release from last year. In addition, there will be a SDCC Mighty Mugg but based on what character was not announced.

War for Cybertron First Look
The video game was on display at Toyfair and at the link is a description and gallery of a hands-on preview of three stages of the game. Game play based on Gears of War series with over-the-shoulder third person view. The stages include Iacon Under Siege, Jetfire in space, and Megatron vs Omega Supreme.


  1. No image for Elita-1...? >.<

  2. There was no image of insecticon, sandstorm, breacher, elita-1 or hailstorm.When are we gonna get some pics of them?

  3. When Hasbro decides to show them.

    Screw them anyway. DRIFT!

  4. guys if you search sidearm sideswipe on flickr and you click it and look at the rest of the pics elita one turns out to be a repaint of chromia like wtf!!!!!!

  5. oh right the name is collecticon search him as an alternative

  6. AWESOME! I'm definently getting Seaspray, Drift, Insecticon, Darkmount and Elita (even though she is a repaint).

  7. there are pics of elita one in a youube video i found, unfortunetly shes a repaint of chromia and isnt even purple :( and ITS NOT FAKE TRUST ME!

    ANYWAY i want Human Alliance Jazz bad

  8. hailstorm:
    sidearm sideswipe:

  9. Elita-1 as redeco of Chormia? Epic Fail...

  10. So where are your kids going to store all those transformers once you get them for them? And how are they going to keep them off the floor so no one steps on them and breaks them?

    I got tired of buying new toys for my grandson so I built this toy cabinet that keeps the toys until my grandson puts one back. Check out a video that shows how it works

    What do you think?

  11. She's JUST a repaint?? >.<
    O... M... G...
    At least they should've tried to make it look like the one they put on the movie T.T
    I'm so disappointed if this is for real...

  12. Ow, and btw... why keeping a REPAINT for A WHOLE YEAR long >.<
    Gaaah I'm pissed already....

  13. Got a rumor by which the black chromia is just a placeholder, it's not Elita-1, they just weren't able to put a photo right away and got this to show there will be the third motorcycle.
    I just hope the rumor be true, I cold get really pissed off if it isn't.

  14. UP^^

    If they couldn't show real Elita-1 right now, they just wouldn't mention her at all.

  15. at anonymous at 9:17 am you got a point but if they did that why did they give away a photo i think its just a cover toy so if i were u i would wait a bit


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