Saturday, February 27, 2010

Transformers G1 Awakening Released

Transformers G1 Awakening has officially been released for iPhone and iTouch as of February 25th. The game is $4.99 and seems to involve an Advance Wars style gameplay of using many G1 characters to try and conquer the enemy.

Here is a description of game play from Know Your Mobile:
Moving your units around the grid-based map is simple enough; you merely select a robot and you’re shown which tiles he is able to move to in that turn. Tapping one of these will cause him to slide gracefully into position (sadly there’s no walking animation to speak of). Some robots have alternative modes which allow faster movement – cars and planes, to name but two – but when transformed into these vehicles they are unable to defend themselves.

Combat is a matter of getting your robot alongside an opponent and tapping the attack option. The result of each encounter rests on a surprisingly wide range of factors, including terrain, proximity of allies and – of course – the strength of each unit.

Dominating the battlefield and taking down your rival is merely one facet of G1: Awakening’s game play; you’ll also need to acquire the power source Energon in order to perform other tasks. For example, some of your units are capable of calling in allies, but to do this you need a certain amount of Energon Cubes in reserve.
Click here for new screenshots that show off many of the characters in the game including Metroplex, Blaster, and Trypticon. If you’re not sure if worth the money, below are a few reviews.
Know Your Mobile (4/5 stars) | Touch Reviews (overall positive) | IGN (8.5/10)

Click here if interested in purchasing the game.

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