Thursday, March 25, 2010

Power Core Combiner Video Reviews

I have no idea how he does it, but Peaugh continues to get the latest Transformers toys months before they hit retail shelves. This time he is reviewing three sets of Power Core Combiners, providing the first real look at the new toy line.

The first review is for one of the 5-pack Combaticon (Bombshock) set. As the video shows, it turns out the set is essentially one scout class toys with 4 legend type figures that do not have a robot mode. The combined robot is a pretty good looking toy but not sure if worth the estimated $20 price tag. The 2nd and 3rd videos shows off the 2-pack sets with Searchlight with Backwind and Smolder with Chopster. OK figures, still not sure worth the price (around $10).

Overall, the video reviews seem to demonstrate that the basic idea behind Power Core is one scout sized figure that can interact with two types of legend sized figures (mini-con). Those two types of mini-cons are either the weapon type or the combiner type. The weapon class has a robot mode, the combiner class does not. Any scout figure plus 4 combiner mini-cons results in one combined robot. This idea does seem scalable (say deluxe class combining with Scout) and indicates a bunch of possibilities. For now though I think I will take a wait and see attitude towards the line.

Update: Peaugh posted a third Power Core view so made slight alterations to text and posted the additional review.

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  1. I was DEFINITELY going to buy the combaticons...

    Then I realized there weren't any robot modes for the other vehicles. It's Supreme Devastator Syndrome all over again!! At least it's cheaper :)


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