Monday, April 05, 2010

Deluxe Ironhide and Knight Morpher Commander Video Reviews

Two toy video reviews for your entertainment pleasure.

The first is a review from Peaugh, this time for Deluxe class Ironhide with drone. The main review is below, click here for a quick update about storing the drone inside Ironhide's vehicle mode. I am digging this version and a solid alternative that find the Voyager size a bit too expensive. Thanks to sideswipe88 for the link.

The second review shows off The Knight Morpher Commander fan designed Tranformer which is really Optimus Prime from the comic book miniseries Hearts of Steel. The figure is out now and the average retail price is $85. I can't tell what the size is but guessing around Voyager size. Over all I like what I see and strongly leaning to adding this figure to my collection.

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