Thursday, April 01, 2010

Transformers 3 to Film at Magnificent Mile

Thanks to Michael Bay we know that Transformers 3 will film in Chicago at some point and now the is reporting where in the city.
We all know that Transformers 3 is being filmed in Chicago amongst other locations around the country and the world thanks to a recent post by Michael Bay. The dream came one step closer to reality for Chicago Transfans as received confirmation from an un-named source that businesses along Michigan Avenue are being pre-emptively notified of an upcoming shoot for the movie.
The phrase "Magnificent Mile" refers to a portion of North Michigan Avenue. I know nothing about Chicago but Google Maps might help give you an idea that is under discussion for the film.


  1. Hi, When the shooting is going to start?

  2. From Hoover Dam to Shanghai to Giza... Bay sure knows how to pick good locations to shoot awesome robot battles.

    Like Starscream once said, "Time makes all things possible. I can wait..."

    Till July 2011...

  3. Their also going to start filming April 12 in Gary Indiana. They said the autobots cars will be their and it will be a closed set. =( Maybe someone could get some shots:)

  4. From Detroit and Hoover Dam, to Shanghai and Luxor, Bay knows how to pick good spots to shoot locations.

    Can't wait to see chaos in Chicago on the big screen in 2011...

  5. michigan ave has all the major shopping and retail stores, its a big shopping district and about a few blocks away from the lake, so its a very crowded street to be filming on, most likely nothing with too many explosions, probably something not too crazy with humans is my guess, perhaps sam's first job area with at some big business on the street? or maybe sam just likes to frolic down the street skipping with mikaela and bumblebee while going out for a chicago dog

  6. The Chicago Film Office's website has nothing about a Transformers movie posted.

  7. The filming is supposed to start around July

  8. Maybe Mikaela managed to get her man-child father back on his feet, and decided to go shopping.

    Though I'd check on the ground clearance on Bumblebee if he's going to be driving down Michigan- it's kind of got potholes in certain areas.

    I was moreso hoping for a battle downtown in the loop.

  9. Rob "The Chicago Film Office's website has nothing about a Transformers movie posted." Thats what they did with Batman The Dark Knight as well. It's to avoid crowds as much as possible. Thats why even Joan Philo Casting(Chicago extras) is calling for people for a "Feature Film" instead of refering to it as Transformers 3.


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