Wednesday, April 14, 2010

W4C: Two New TFs, Voice Cast Rumor Denied

Air RaidA little bit of new news regarding Transformers: War for Cybertron video game with Activision responding to the voice casting rumor and the reveal of two new playable characters.

While Activision continues to refuse to reveal the entire voice cast of War for Cybertron, it does seem content with shooting down any wayward internet rumors that pop up regarding the topic. In a recent message to TFormers, the company wrote:
Just a heads-up that the IMDB voice actor news you may have heard about is once again inaccurate. Please remove posts about Thundercracker/Skywarp/Ratchet voice actors, as they are not true. There appears to be a random IMDB user with wrong info out there!
That would indicate that John C. McGinley, Crispin Freeman, and Travis Willingham are not involved with the project. Probably just an oversight, but Soundwave (Jeff Bennett) is not mentioned. No idea when or even if Activision plans on providing more details about who they are using for this reboot of origins of the Transformers' civil war.

BreakdownFor the other piece of W4C news, the official website's character profile page has two new additions with the gestalt’s being represented with Air Raid (an Aerialbot) and Breakdown (a Stunticon). I doubt these additions mean combiners will be part of the game, so don't get your hopes up. I don't know if these two characters are playable in single and multiplayer mode or limited to one mode only. (via Kotaku)


  1. Stephen hopkins4/15/2010 2:21 PM

    This is not correct they need to Take Air Raid and Breakdown out Because they say they want to make it to where war was before Earth the Stuntdicons were Created After there first arrival on Earth and the Aeriabots were created on a vist back to cybertron. they Should have use Constructdcons and Protectobots. If it was just online battels sure why not use them but in story come on Guys you want to make the story before earth Take them out your going to Confuse True Transformer Fans.

  2. quote: Stephen hopkins 4/15/2010 2:21 PM

    Why can't they..
    as there could of been a "Air Raid" or "Breakdown" before the Aeriabots and Stuntdicons.

    who knows one of them could of gone back in time again. lol

  3. No rember the key to Victor sigma part 1 and 2 Megatron stole 5 vichels on earth and made them robots which one of them was Break down that was part 1 and in part 2 the airialbots were created on cybertron after the vist on earth to countor the Stuntdicons and Alpha trion sacrficed him self to give them life and Air Raid was created then. Now in another Episode there was a event were they went back in time before they were born and before Prime became omptimus prime they rescued prime from megatron then went back through time in there present. That was when the war was just about to begin not while it was happening. So if they put them in it I will have to say the game will be just as much inaccurate has Michel bays movie's. But Im still going to get the game regardless I just wont play as thoses charaters because it bothers me that the game is set before the arrival on earth. Its like throwing the Dinobots in there and everybody knows they were created on earth by wheel jack see what im saying its getting the story is getting twisted

  4. Not only that is Bio is the same as the orginal charater hes parinoed


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