Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drift Video Review

The next wave of Transformers toys seems to have started hitting some locations including the Hasbro online toy store. With it is one of the first video review of the new wave of toys with Transformers: Generations Drift. Drift is an ex Decepticon, samurai sword swinging character created by IDW for their comic TF universe. I am surprised Hasbro made a toy for the character considering he has made only two or so appearances in the comic books. Over all it looks like a solid addition to the other Classic line of figures from the past few years. Below is the video review, if you are interested in just the transformation click here.

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  1. a definitely must have for me. i know my girl friend is going to get angry at me. i promesed not to buy more transformers for the next 6 months but this one, W4C optimus and bumblebee. are a must have for me. and with the new additions for universe Bruticus maximus, they just mean i will have to empty my pockets to hasbro once more... oh well i just want to say it is a weird combination between love and hate that i have for them because of all of this


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