Friday, May 14, 2010

TF3 DMCA Takedown Notice Getting Attention

It seems that the interest in Transformers 3 is high enough that the Transformers 3 set videos and images posted here from Ben Brown a few days ago has spread pretty far and wide. At least enough attention that Paramount learned of the video and issued a DMCA takedown to YouTube over it. The other video from mickipedia remains up. Both TechDirt and The Hollywood Reporter weighed in on the decision.

From Tech Dirt:
Now, not only is it ridiculous to claim that these videos are covered under Paramount's copyright, it's hard to fathom why Paramount would want to bother quashing these videos at all. After Brown and Krimmel posted their videos, entertainment blogs picked the story up and started to build buzz about the movie. Isn't that a good thing? Personally, I really disliked the last Transformers movie, and this latest round of DMCA shenanigans isn't doing a very good job of convincing me to give the next installment another look.
Photo by Katie SpenceBen Brown told me yesterday, "I already filed a counter-claim [with Google]." Brown also posted on his blog about events including proof that the video was taken from non-Paramount owned property with a picture of himself and Micki as they filmed the TF3 behind the scene videos below. He also provided an update on the status of the counter-claim:
On Friday, April 14, Google sent me a response that explains that they've forwarded my counter notice to Paramount, and that my video will be restored only after 10-14 days have passed... Unless, of course, Paramount retracts their invalid DMCA complaint against me.
I have no idea what will happen at this point but a two week turnaround for a counter-claim strikes me as egregious considering Paramount's false claim was handled within a day. Its actions like this that lead to the lack of respect people have when the studios cry foul over copyright.


  1. So in other words he let the twins out if the bag and caught bay in a lie?

  2. And you think that these guys posting so called amateur videos taken from the set are not either connected with or paid by the studios itself?
    Anyway it's a pretty dumb movie to remove their own free advertisement from YouTube like this, it's not going to help the movie. Paramount markeeters are not doing a smart move with this but thinking that they are targeting people not connected to them that the video originated from it's quite naive.

  3. Looks like the Decepticons aren't the only ones targeting people.

  4. So I think we're confusing some points here ...

    1: This is not a case of someone out in public making videos of someone else just walking down the sidewalk. This was a closed set onto which the public was not allowed to trespass. Recording the shoot is considered a trespass, but usually there is a limit. Like, if you are more than 1000 feet away or something like that then it's ok.

    2: Even though the movie hasn't hit theaters yet, it is by all means copywrite protected, and that includes all aspects of the shooting of the movie.

    Most of the time, spectators can watch and take pictures and even video, because usually they are pretty far away and the images you can capture don't give a lot of the plot away. The companies just usually don't care. This is a different case. Does it suck? Yeah, I love getting these sneaked videos. However, Paramount is within their rights to have it removed.

  5. My theory is... and it may be rubbish but... 2 decepticons disguise themselves as the Twins and assassinate Sam's parents.


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