Monday, May 10, 2010

Transformers 3 On Set Video; Autobot Twins Return (4 Updates)

As reported, Transformers 3 has apparently started principle photography in Sherman Oaks, California. Transfan Ben Brown was on site and recorded a video of a scene being filmed in downtown Los Angeles that shows a car being thrown down the alley shortly after the Autobot Twins cars had filmed a scene. Thanks to Ben for tweeting to me the video link (below).

From his blog:
Perched on the windowsill of the NeighborGoods office, I recorded this awesome scene from the upcoming Transformers 3 movie. You can even hear Michael Bay yelling at people!

We also saw the Autobot “twins” zooming around. Apparently, one or both of them will transform and beat the crap out of this tiny little car. Totally awesome.

I think we can take this as confirmation that filming on Transformers 3 has officially begun and that Skids and Mudflap will appear in the movie (to no surprise but nice to know for sure).

Update: Ben Brown has posted two pictures from the Transformers 3 set on his Flickr page that seem to show off a plot point with a cross-out Autobot symbol and the phrase "Go Home". This seems to suggest that the public outing of the Transformers race and their war in the second movie is not going well for our heroes.

Update 2: Ben's coworker mickipedia also filmed the scene. The exact same thing with widescreen view and very slightly different angle. I believe that is Ben using his iPhone to film the above video.

Update 3: Bay denies the Twins return portion of this post.

Update 4: Bay says no, but these photos say yes to the Twins.


  1. Yeah! Stupid alien robots screwing up our lives! GO HOME! haha

  2. is that a smart car getting tossed?

  3. the smart car better not be a transformer

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    Default Re: The Autbot Twins are back for TF3!

    The Twins are not back in T3.


  5. Oooh, a District 9 symbol. Looks like the Twins are gonna be caught at a human riot, or more likely a battle with Decepticons since there wasn't anyone around, or more likely a comedy bit with a parking lot...

    That Smart was supposed to be the Twins' brother, according to rumour. Well, what do ya know? They're now Triplets!

    The whole anti-Autobot thing sounds like rhe war finally goes public. Open war = no body is safe = loads of action!

  6. How about we also get rid of:
    -horribly unfunny parents
    -horribly unfunny John Turtorro character
    -awful plots that don't make any sense
    -fight scenes that don't make any sense and are impossible to follow
    -godawful, lame jokes about peeing autobots
    -in fact, lets just let someone else make the movie

  7. why tell autobots to go home? The decepticons have been openly evil to humans going so far as to broadcast a threat to all of humanity. Also I hope Unicron is in 3

  8. Skids and Mudflap dont return
    There are new twins

  9. Impossible. These Chevrolet Sparks have green and ornage stripes and both are same alternate mode than Skids. If they are not same characters, it's stupid.

  10. wow so cool ;) I would love to see more :) Mrs. Optimus Prime out....

  11. GO HOME!? NO! How stupid has humanity gotten,they fail to see The Autobots are only defense agianst the decepticons,"They should leave earth!" Thats what the decepticons want you to do you fleshy idiots!

  12. I swear to Primus next thing you know they will start supporting the decepticons!I hope there are 2 sides of this

    One anti-autbot group

    and one pro-autbot group!

  13. Martinus Prime5/14/2010 6:13 PM

    I think the "Autobots go home" thing is put up there by a Decepticreep, to influence the humans to hate the Autobots.

  14. Yeah that could be true,its obvious that the cons are setting humanity into a trap.

  15. Where or when is TF3 be filming in California

  16. Whoah man "crossout autobot sign sayin Go Home?!?" wth man autobots should definitely stay here! i mean dude srsly

  17. Hey I like the twins. If people that do not like them you do not have to see the movie JO"S. your probley some 300LBS fat ass heffers that do not have a life !!!!

  18. I love the twins. They made the movie funny. OMG it makes a movie even better when u keep the characters for the next movie. People always got something negative to say about everything. Mr. Bay dont change your thoughts or projects cause u cant satisfy everyone. You can change this and that and people still will have negative things to say. You have done an awesome job and im looking forward to seeing more!!!!!

  19. Oh my goodness! I can't believe the Twins cannot be in T3. I have never heard anything negative said about them in our part of the woods! They are so funny! They are like real life Twins, that always work togeather at something and always have comical comments. We love them! Bring them back! I have seen alot worse on TV than them. I feel if you don't like something than don't watch it! Come on people! Grow up! There are more serious things to worry about than how the Twins are. Don't listen to to the crybabies! They are just obnoxious brats that want attention! Keep the Twins!! We love them!

  20. I loved the twins...they where funny...if that was the case...there quite a few stereos..come on we r taking this politically a nuisance....We will be looking for them...Meaning the public..

  21. Keep the TWINS! Keep the TWINS! They added character and laughter to the movie, making it real life and what real people would say!

  22. All of you anonymous are a joke. I have always wanted to see the transformers in a movie and all of you have the audacity to complain as if its not a great movie! I personally don't care what they sound like, neither should any of you, ingrates. For all of you to be so nit-picky, you should find something better to do with your time, sorry ass bloggers! Yeah I said it!


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