Sunday, June 27, 2010

Botcon 2010 Galleries Linkfest

Botcon 2010, the official Transformers convention, was held this weekend at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Hasbro, Activision, IDW, Peter Cullen and more held panels that provided updates on the toys, new cartoon, and more. One of these years I will get to attend but thankfully the other Transformers websites did and reported back. This post is for the toy galleries, the other is for the panel news.

Dealer Room
What is a convention without a big room to buy stuff? If you have the money, you can probably find that Transformer you have been looking for and many you may not have known existed. If I ever won the lottery, this would probably be one of my first stops.

Power Core Combiners - One | Two
Images of the various 2-pack and 5-pack combiners that will start hitting shelves as early as July 1st but already seen reports that a few Toys R Us stores have started stocking them.

Hunt for Decepticons & Generations - Video | One | Two | Three | Four | Five
Lots of images that show off even more toys hitting toy shelves very soon to accompany Power Core. The Hunt for Decepticons sub-line has lots of repaints but also new molds while Generations is basically a big kiss to Generation 1 and War for Cybertron fans. Blurr also is shown off (repaint of Drift) but likely not scheduled to hit shelves until September.

Transformers RPMS and Activators
The lines designed for younger kids but really all ages. RPM is essentially the matchbox cars version of Transformers while Activators are transformations with a push of a button.

Seacons and Legends Devastator Repaint
What would be a new wave of Transformers releases without some store exclusives? This year will bring the Legends Devastator in Generation 1 colors (yep same as one released in Japan) in October for $29.99, Seacons Combiner (same as released as Transformers Collector's Club a few years back) that form Piranacon for $49.99. No indication on which store will get which toy.

Botcon '10 Exclusive Sets
Every Botcon usually brings with it exclusives TF toys that can only be bought at the convention (or online at exorbitant prices). Usually the toys are repaints of existing molds from the many years of Transformers with new names. The theme this year was homage to Generation 2.

SDCC 2010 Exclusives
The San Diego Comic Con starts in about a month and once again Transformers will be represented with two exclusives. Last year it was Soundwave and so it makes sense for this year to be Blaster.

Motormaster Video & Gallery
A real truck that has been modified to emulate the colors and look of the Stunticons leader Motormaster. The gallery includes images of Motormaster, other TF painted cars, and other misc. things spotted at Botcon.

Transformers Art and Customizations
Click the link for a huge gallery of images that show off the creativity of Transfans. Lots of the customizations are fantastic repaints of existing toys but some include mods, original creations and more. Worth at least sampling to see what all the creativity unleashed can produce.

Battle Ops Bumblebee Video
New mold of Bumblebee that is a little bit larger than the Leader class line. The estimated release date is last Fall for the Christmas season and probably retail for around $59.99. The Hasbro Designer Panel revealed that hitting his buttons will play "More Then Meets the Eye".

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