Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hubcat, Breacher, Skyfire, Dinobot Video Reviews

Peaugh is back with more video reviews of new Transformers. Two are from the upcoming The Hunt for the Decepticons sub-line and two are currently Japanese exclusive Henkei (Classics) figures. The first video is for Scout class Hubcap whose alt mode is a classic 1930ish car (I am guessing on that). For a scout figure it actually isn't bad and probably one of the few scout figures I actually want to get mostly due to the alt mode. The second video is for Seaspray's "partner" Breacher, also a scout figure. This one is typical of scout classes, probably only worth it if already getting Seaspray.

As far as the Henkei toys, we have Dark Skyfire and Dinobot. The figure is a repaint of the Classics Jetfire mold from a few years ago. The new purple and black paint scheme looks great. I don't know if it’s coming stateside but kind of hoping it does as part of the Generations line or a store exclusive. Last is new inductee into the Transformers Hall of Fame. Dinobot is a repaint of the previously released Beast Wars toy but this time more cartoon accurate paint job. Sadly Dinobot, while a cool character, remains a clunky Transformer. He is only worth getting if a fan of the character.

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