Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Victoria's Secret Congratulates Rosie

While Paramount and Michael Bay have not officially announced the casting of model Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Victoria's Secret apparently knows the details. They released a NSFW or kids video (below) of her modeling with the message "Victoria Secret's would like to congratulate our angel Rosie Huntington-Whitely starring in Transformers 3." Technically this still isn't official confirmation of her casting but at this point I am thinking it is a done deal. Thanks to rodsuper for the link to the video.


  1. lol, either bay`s levels have sunk alot or this is just to get the video spread about the net. TBH this seems like its just a way for them to advertise her to the public more, especially if every Transformers website posts this video. However it could be credible. Anyway, i must say even though her acting wasnt that good i would prefer Megan Fox to just some eye candy. Unless the replacement is good at acting then the human scene`s will flop badly.

  2. Drooooooooool

  3. I hope she can act! not just another T&A actress!

  4. It seems that TF3 is more about sex than giant effing robots beating the crap out of eachother.

    Sometimes I think the whole thing is just for distraction. Has anybody asked which (new) transformer will be in TF3? - the only topics currently are megan fox and her replacement.

    Mostly only human actors were announced, but no "robotic actors".

  5. I callin it... NHLFan is offically gay... "I don't want hot women in TF3 i want some ugly hoe"


  6. I don't know, who you quoting, because I didn't say that. ;)

  7. I've got one thing to say here: Shia is one lucky bastard to have her.

  8. Why Bay have to put sexy girl on the movie? This movie is about robot and action. Indeed, kids must see it, and what happen next when they see ??? What is your purpose of making the movie? Good movie doesn't need love scene and sexy people.
    If Bay insists not to change back to the original of the action movie, I can predict that Bay's movie is going to hell for sure. See the rating between
    Transformer 1 and 2 ... I suggest Bay the Terminator.. It should be a good example.

  9. @NHLFAN...Check out!
    (Maybe that can help you out...a little!)
    No definate answers, but it gives nice ideas!

  10. First, let me say Rosie is hot. Second, Let me say Rosie is hot. Third, let me say I hope she sweats and leans over Bumblebee's hood as good as Megan did.

    This video is stupid. Give the roll to a more worthy "Angel" such as Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio or Marisa Miller...what's the difference, they have no acting experience either.

    I kept waiting for Starscream come out and crush her or spit on her or something by the end. Michael Bay is dropping to a new low. He obviously likes collagen lipped women.

    TFans, don't get your hopes up. She will not be able to act worth a lick. There are plenty of worthy replacements for Megan out there who are hot and at least have a teensy tiny bit of acting experience.

  11. Yo seriously to the dude who called NHL fan gay, s t f u

    In a movie titled Transformers you would care more about news regarding new " Transformers " if people wanted T&A and wanted to see hot girls, I suggest many of the free streaming p0rno sites, or perhaps a subscription to penthouse

    Transformers should be reserved for Transformers, not human characters

  12. This is a fake and not produced by VS

  13. I don't give a S*** if she is with Victoria Secret CAN SHE ACT!!! If she can't, then what was the sence of firing Megan Fox!!!

  14. alternity skywarp:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN60PilLfw0&playnext_from=TL&videos=Xn22p32gx_I&feature=sub

    alternity starcream:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyN9gcSvwZE&feature=channel

  15. in michaelbay.com comfirmed that the rumor is true check out!!!

  16. god whitley's ugly, anyone that thinks she's hot sickens me, and i hope your wrong anonymous above me, because that bitch is the first definition of fuggly, god! if megan fox doesnt come back then the hole damn franchise is ruined and bay knows it!!! how could michael bay be so devistatingly retarded! whitley must be a
    transvestite. she looks like a fuggly version of kim basinger. im going back to watching the star wars franchise and hoping there making a new one.

    i hate whitley!!!! fugly bitch!!

    megan fox make up with bay or TF will never be the same!!


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