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Bay Hints at Chicago's Part in Transformers 3

In an article from the Chicago Sun-Times, Transformers 3 Director Michael Bay compliments the city of Chicago for putting up with production related traffic jams and hints at the cities involvement in the movie. The sweet image on the left is from Josh P. of Obvious Child Blog and shows some of the pyrotechnics that went boom on Wacker Drive during filming. He also tweaked a portion of video to show the scale once a Transformer is inserted into the scene. Thanks to Ray for article link.
A camera-toting helicopter had just swooped by, capturing various angles of two highly trained skydivers, who had leapt from the top of the Trump Tower -- landing with pinpoint accuracy on Wacker Drive as a horde of camouflaged troops rushed around bombed-out CTA buses, cars and cabs with their weapons blazing. (related videos here, here and here)

''The city's been unbelievably amazing -- from Mayor Daley all the way down to each and every police officer helping us out,'' said Bay. ''We don't want to inconvenience people too much, so we've been working hard to play ball with the fire department and the police.''

Though Bay keeps his ''Transformers 3'' story line close to the vest, he did reveal the Chicago footage ''is at the very end of the movie and the city is under alien attack, so it's very critical and important to the film's climax.''

The scene shot Monday between Michigan and Wabash focused on ''a number of base jumpers who are part of Josh Duhamel's unit. The heroes in this movie have very few people coming to help them this time. I like to think of it as the 'Black Hawk Down' version of 'Transformers' -- it's much more intimate in terms of what's happening.

''Something very bad has happened to America -- and this is at the very end of the movie.''

After the ''TF3'' crews leave Chicago at the end of next month, they will move on to Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Florida, ''plus a number of international locations we can't yet reveal,'' producer Ian Bryce said Monday.

Pointing toward Lake Michigan, he said, ''You go over to Michigan Avenue -- right there by the Wrigley Building ... and you look back this way [pointing west along the Chicago River] and it's the most beautiful skyline in the world. ... The reason it's so interesting is -- unlike New York, where you've got to get far away in a helicopter to make it interesting -- Chicago has so many interesting bits of architecture, you can capture very close up.''

Bay credits Our Town's infamously unpredictable weather for enhancing his experience. ''I know it's so miserable in the winter here," he said. "Maybe that's why everyone's so nice right now -- the hot weather just puts everyone in a great mood!''


  1. why does this have to be the climax is reminds of Transformers 1 when there in mission city am I the only one who thinks this

    Write back please

    ps where is Leo and simmons

  2. Whoa...

    This looks apocalyptic.

    I hope more is disclosed at the Comic-Con...

  3. you know I was wondering that myself about Simmons and Leo. I haven't heard anything mentioned about either of them being in it

  4. Well from what i have collected since pre-production and current filming through pictures and videos and rumors and comments is a story we've probably seen before but original nonetheless.

    This film will be a fast forward since the last film and will most likely take place after sam has graduated college and moved on without mikaela in his life. (Which should all be discussed in the typical Witwicky family scene) Sam will get a job in downtown chicago and the autobots will once again be going back into hiding until it can't be held in any longer. Since the last film showed how real it can get with a lot of human death people are now against the autobots since they are bringing danger and death to earth. (Assuming from the "Go Home" signs with the autobot logo). As to the whole moon and space race, i see it as plausible since they mentioned russia as a place to film and nasa in florida. both parties will probably be hiding a secret that should have gotten out into the public years ago when things were going wrong but they didnt and now an even bigger threat is on the way. My guess is sam meets carly while on the job or will be his connection to patrick dempsey's character who i believe has a big role in this film and will be crucial to keep him alive. My thought is he will get killed in a random scene where they are running from the decepticons. My other guess is that megatron will die early on in the film probably in a big action scene and when the threat is thought to be over, shockwave will come in and take charge and avenge megatron by just killing everything. By then the humans will combine forces with the autobots to destroy shockwave. im thinking that the huge office set will be where shockwave first attacks and knocks the whole building over. the rest of the decepticons will be rushing in from everywhere and will start tearing down the city to put an end to witwicky and the autobots. My guess as to why chicago? in revenge of the fallen you see chicago as one of the locations of a great powerful autobot which will probably be the suspected wheeljack, since they all have been here for a while it seems fair that they have the old look just like jetfire and that picture of the old autobot seems to fit. Overall i feel the movie will start off with no purpose for the autobots to still be there. they will be very stealthy and just cruising around not looking to fight or cause trouble. they will rise up against a great threat and destroy it, once they think it is over then the real threat appears and makes fighting and bringing back the autobots worth every second of the movie. I'm also really hoping bumblebee will finally talk even tho they had a cool thing going with the radio. I also think since it was all started with a boy and his car that bumblebee will sacrifice his life for sam in some way and bumblebee will be killed (just for the emotional side of the film) I also think hotrod (who i hope is the ferarri) and sideswipe will have some sick ass scenes of really fast paced slick killin moves.

    Alright my fingers hurt... lol lemme know what you think

    Add / Delete whatever you think works!


  5. add add add add! i felt that bro. in the heart. very good speculation.

  6. not bad!! I would say that if Megatron does die Starscream takes over and lets the pitbull (Shockwave) off the chain to cause so much destruction and death that the people of earth have to surrender to Starscream....and call me crazy but I think that the Decepticons are going to win in this movie, like they should've in ROTF, which will open it up for a fourth movie.

  7. OK this 3rd movie should be like 10+years in the future since the first attack in transformers're telling me that ratchet can't fix bumblebee voice yet

  8. I don't think that it would make a lot of sense to kill Bumblebee in the last movie--not with all the hype that Chevy is putting on its camaros right now. I think that, by the end of this movie, Starscream, Megatron, and Shockwave will all get killed--thereby leaving Cybertron free of the nastiest baddies--and so the Autobots will all leave and go back home. I think Sam and Bumblebee will have to say goodbye--basically along the same lines as in the E.T. movie. But I have one question: In the last movie, all the other older primes said that Optimus was their last decendent--so where would Hot Rod fit in there?? Do you think they'll just completely smudge over the part where Hot Rod becomes a prime, or do you think they'll just change his name to Hot Shot and forget the whole thing?

  9. 'Something very bad has happened to America' they are really changing the script around from the first two parts....this Michael Bays a genius

  10. if Bay kills off another autobot i'm glad it'll be his last in the series.

    i'm sorry but how many bots were actually killed in the series? this "make it emotional" thing with every movie is utter BS. you don't have to make it an easy fight but don't pit people against the robot heroes,


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