Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cast Images from Milwaukee TF3 Shoot

Day 1 of 2 has ended for the Transformers 3 shoot at the Milwaukee Art Museum. As previous reported, several cast members were spotted on the scene but it turns out one of them was not Bumblebee or at least I hope not. Thanks to "juise" from the TFW2005 forums, we have photos that show Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Patrick Dempsey and Michael Bay at work in front of the museum, aka "Hotchkiss Gould Investments", as they film a scene involving broke down 1972 yellow Datsun 510.

I assume the place is where Rosie's character works along with Dempsey's character that was probably reassigned as her boss after Fox's departure from the film. As for the 'Bee-ish car, I have no idea but in the second film he was getting a bit sick of the Transformers drama so might make sense he wanted his own, non-Transforming car while Bumbleebee worked as part of NEST. Juise also put together a slick stop motion video (below) from his photos that show a bit of the scene that they were filming. More pictures can be found here. Thanks to Mike G. for the heads-up.

Update:TFW2005 has more pictures via Flickr. Also click here for another video of a scene being filmed.


  1. haha bumblebee probably gets jealous
    and "reformats" to match the new stripes and spoiler

  2. Maybe an in cognito form of Bumblebee?

  3. I think it's bumblebee. probably messing with him in front of the boss. one of those dreaded comedy scenes that were hit in part 1 and miss in part 2.

  4. From the way Sam is dressed and the form Bumblebee is in, Sam may be testing Mikaela Banes (not Fox but another walk on actor, IMDB listed only as Sam's girl) to see if she is true. Only to be a breakup scene, only to hook up with Rosie's character (IMDB is wrong with her listed as Mikaela). In some of the Flickr pictures there is a gal in a red dress that looks the part. This is wild speculation though.


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