Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Videos from Trump Tower

More videos from Chicago as the Transformers 3 crew was hard at work in front of Trump Towers and Hotel 71 on Sunday. The first video is from the Obvious Child Blog that shows an above the scene look as the crew preps the cast waits. It also briefly show the blue placeholder whatever used to represent a CGI robot the actors probably interface with physically. The second video basically is the scene they were prepping for. It fits with the other Trump Tower basejumping video as it shows the jumpers landing and immediately participating in the firefight being filmed. The last video shows pyrotechnics going off on Wacker drive as a helicopter moves about the area to capture the footage. The last video is an excellent look at the base jumpers as they hit the ground and immediately start participating in the shootout. Thanks to Mauricio and Josh for the links.


  1. ok, i had a look round and discovered that so far noone has placed all the robots in a good solid list. Below is my list of the toys and the robots (Some names havent been confirmed so vehicle modes have been named or name of their position added instead)

    D = Deluxe
    V = Voyager
    L = Leader
    U = Ultimate

    Shockwave (L)
    Megatron (L,V)
    Starscream (L,V)
    Soundwave (V,D)
    "Robot assasin 1" (D)
    "Robot assasin 2" (D)
    "Black Dodge Charger SRT-8" (D)

    Optimus Prime (L,V)
    Silverbolt (V)
    Ratchet (V,D)
    Ironhide (V,D)
    Sideswipe (D)
    Bumblebee (D,U)
    "Chevrolet Spark 1" (D) Mudflap?
    "Chevrolet Spark 2" (D) Skids?
    Nascar 1 (D)
    Nascar 2 (D)
    Nascar 3 (D)
    "Ferrari 458 Italia" (D)
    "Old robot" (D)
    "Purple Mercedes E550" (D)

  2. Guys check out this dude's videos!


  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjCeaab5r78

    pretty cool scene. take a little while but closer up explosions and bumble bee.... looks like they are shooting something HUGE!!!!!!!!!


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