Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sam and Carly Together Again

Transformers 3 production continues in Chicago, this time spending the weekend at the LaSalle Street Bridge. It seems this is the site of the near ending of the film, at least judging by the pictures and video below as Shia LaBeouf (Sam) and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Carly) enjoy a moment of peace as tired NEST soldiers walk by.

The photos of below are once again thanks to Colin Hinkle as they show off more divested street debris and destruction along with the magic moment. Below that is a video found by TFW2005 that is the scene being filmed. Seems sweet, maybe a little over the top with the literal jumping in Sam's arms but this is a Bay film.

If there isn't enough explosion love for you, then Mail Online has a few pictures of NEST soldiers attempting to avoid an explosion while Josh Duhamel protects Shia's stunt double. The scenes were shot near the Old Post Office Building on Wednesday. Notice the stunt double his wearing the suit costume from scenes involving Hotchkiss Gould Investment scenes shot in Milwaukee and Chicago. Thanks to AiC Hokie for the link.

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