Thursday, August 19, 2010

TF3 Chicago: Sam Goes Flying

Transformers 3 production is winding down in the Chicago but that doesn't mean the hard work is over. Wednesday at the Lake and Wabash Parking Lot involved a busy day for Shia LaBeouf's stunt double who was flung all over the set by his arm. My best guess is maybe captured by a Decepticon or something to do with the power glove but really I can't figure it out. They also filmed a brief firefight involving Josh Duhamel and NEST as things went boom. It should be interesting to see what the flinging around becomes once the editors and ILM have a go with the footage.

The pic to the left and first four pictures below are thanks to Colin Hinkle. The next five are a small sampling of pictures from Jeff at Pixel Rally's huge 326 photos that he has posted on flickr. Along with the photos, Jeff also posted 10 videos that show off the various stunt work that was filmed. Hit the links below for both.

Update: Jeff created a third gallery, not new images but if you don't have time or inclination to flip through 300+ pictures, then hit the "Selects" link for 52 pics that give you the highlights from the larger gallery.

Pixel Rally Gallery | Pixel Rally Videos | Pixel Rally Selects

NEST soldiers hanging out at Popeyes chickenthe stunt actors gotta actually do some manual labor


  1. You know, now that I think about it, the budget for this movie has to be huge, considering the amount of fake carnage inflicted (charred cars and strewn dirt and garbage), extras used, police/local traffic security, and payments to local businesses after the explosion damage/etc.

    Not since Armageddon have I ever seen Michael Bay put this much scene setup effort into any of his films before. There's just way more of it. I mean, I'm totally stating the obvious but it's still pretty cool.

  2. just for the record; a decepticon is carring up Sam on this scene

  3. Probably $250mill? the last was $200mill. Its like being the 1st one with more practical stuff going on rather ROTF cg fest.

  4. Well this "Sam get's lifted by his arm" by a Decepticon, makes me think: That might be the Scene where he loses his arm/hand, maybe Megatron tries to get his revenge by ripping it off(Using Gravity and only one arm should be more torture than using both hands).

  5. Awesome!!!Sam becomes a "galactic hitchhiker"!!!XD

  6. Okay, just to get nitpicky, how long are we supposed to believe that Rosie/CARLY is supposed to run through this carnage without her heels breaking off? Why not just take them off or steal some sneakers maybe - who's gonna care? At least in ROTF Mikaela had some kinda wedge boots.

  7. i think the two decepticon SUV's are Runamuck and Runabout. the tanker could be octane and the armored truck is sixshot. just a thought let me know what you think

  8. @Anonymous 8/19/2010 1:03 PM
    Mmmhh I think than one of the SUV are the new Soundwave altform the "Chevy FBI SUV", because we now... he's arrived on Earth now...
    For Sixshot...nop i don't think so...but who nows?

  9. Uops...i mean "we know" and "who knows?"...sry xD!!!


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