Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TF3 Detroit: Bay's Big Guns

Transformers 3 continues to film in Detroit at the Packard Plant, this time with the huge engine looking prop spotted at the location a few weeks ago. Thanks once again to J1000 we have images and video of the likely stunt doubles for Shia and Rosie work on the prop along with Michael Bay prepping for the scene. The videos show the pair as Carly jumps from the potted plant ledge to Sam's arms while the ship/guns/turbines/whatever moves. The bluescreen makes me think this is an arm or something of a bigger Transformer.

According to a post at TFW2005, the scene involves Sam "jumping from the ship to a building." A Don Murphy member and set extra sigma1 also claimed to know what the shoot was for. Of note is the invoking of Wheeljack ("Einstein") as a TF cast member but that remains unverified. Thanks to Udana for the link.
"The shoot involving the train derailed is called "Mayor's Mile" and is a continuation of the Chicago sequence. The scene itself will take place in Chicago within the movie. It involves the intro of a main antagonist, (which is the large construct with 2 turbines in the rear photographed earlier when Detroit production arrived). I won't reveal just yet who it is, but he will then transform and reveal himself to be orchestrating much of the chaos on Earth, most Autobots arrive (Bumblebee, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and the Ferrari) to battle him. Prime, Ironhide, and Josh Duhamel are involved in another sub-plot that will be revealed later."


  1. An Ironhide, Optimus, & Lennox sub-plot sounds AWESOME!!! :D

  2. Just FYI - they are not at the Packard plant anymore, they've been filming next to the Greyhound bus station downtown D for the past couple of days. I saw it with my own eyes yesterday - this is the same set I saw and took pics of.

  3. might be soundwave alt mode!!! =) tf3

  4. Why would Soundwave change his alternate mode? As a toy version he was Cybertronian Staellite, but transformed also into a Cybertronian Jet, though different than Megatron's jet mode. Besides that Soundwave isn't that big. In ROTF he was said to be 22 feet tall.

  5. maybe shockwave, not soundwave?

  6. Yeah, right, that Engine-Part, that looks like it's having Jetfire's engined is a Villain.
    Sarcasm off:
    The Destruction makes me think it's shockwave.
    As for that Part with the Engines, and a Cannon, It might be the Powerup-Package for Prime, consisting of Jetfires parts and having a< blaster, that heavily reminds me on the Blaster of OptimusPrime.

    Also, I doubt that Sam and his girlfriend would climb on a Deceptivcon that causes havoc.
    Judging by the fact, that Sam's on it all the Time, while it moves, Sam might be using these parts as a Turret(reminds me of Ginrai/PowermasterOptimusPrime's grey Cannons).

    It could also turn out, that Sam might use it, like Coby in GalaxyForce/Cybertron with his Rumble.
    But instead of limited actions, he might be able to also fire it's weapons.

  7. Omega Supreme's head.


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