Saturday, September 25, 2010

TF3 Detroit: Detroit Goes Boom

Day 2 of filming of Transformers 3 continues along the "Griswold stretch" near the Farwell Building in Detroit. J1000 and Surge29 once again provides us with images from the set. The first set of photos is thanks to Surge29 which includes a close look at the blue Wrecker that shows how it is rigged so the roof weaponry can be fired. He also wanted to give a "Big Thanks to Tyrese Gibson for giving my kids an autograph poster." The last picture in the set shows off the poster. The second set of pictures and two HD videos is thanks to J1000 including the below set report. The videos show a practice take then the real take with lots of Bayhem boom.
What a night! Earlier in the evening, at the Deli/bar set on Clifford, Prime and Sideswipe were around the Jet prop, as Shia and Rosie were filming around/on/in front of them all; there was a soldier on the fire escape behind the building, aiming his weapon around. Down the street, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Ratchet, and the two new Autobots and Wreckers were on set for some other shots at the Farwell set. Later in the evening, they moved the jet prop away from the front of the deli/bar building, then filmed several takes of a bunch of extras running and screaming from the building and surrounding streets, then blew the set! It was quite a series of explosions; awesome to see in person! As my son and I made our way back to my truck, we were crossing one of the blocked side streets, and had to wait for a black SUV that was coming from the set, flashing it's headlights for the PAs to move the barricades. As it got through and slowly drove past us and around the corner, I realized it was Bay in the passenger seat right in front of us. I yelled "Michael!" and waved; he turned and waved back as they rounded the corner. My son was excited to finally see him up close. Great night on set! I overheard a PA tell another onlooker that they've got one more day of filming here (at this set, I believe).




  1. @ J100 dude when you have time please update your camera :)

  2. EXCELLENT Shots and video!

    I'm gonna guess by looking at some of the detail shots on the JJ48 Car, its pure autobot or decepticon and little human. Some of the stuff on it just looks very alien, kinda reminds me of Megatrons hands.

  3. Martinus Prime9/25/2010 8:49 AM

    Holy hell guys, doesn't anybody notice the old Transfrormers language signs on the grey bits of the blue Wrecker?!!
    Awesome!!! Very interesting how does pieces get on The Wreckers!!!

  4. J1000 can you find any faction symbol on the wrecker or was it all left out?

  5. @ anonymous,

    The pics with the incorrect dates on them aren't mine!

  6. Sorry about the date on the pic. The dam camera keeps restting the date every time I start it back up. No I did not find any symbol on it but If u look hard you can see Transfrormers language signs on the grey bits. It is the same language signs that was on the cube in Tramsformers 1 movie. So I had to take a pic. of it to show every one. Makes u think what the hell is going on

  7. Ok I have heard of a subplot, that the Shard that WAS still in in the Valt in Makela's house is used to Awaken the Wreckers. Sam uses it when he needs help and they pop up and kick some serious ass.

    only reason I know this is because I got a buddy on the set that apparently is a plot. How true this is I dont know. But there you have it.

  8. Crazy Idea 9/26/2010 12:43 AM But ever single time the shard or the Cube was used it made little evil Bots, But anything is possiable. But nascars? I mean when in the movie do they go to a nascar track? I am still trying to figure that out. Unless their is a museum in Chicago that has them? or Detroit? They could spawn up their. I can see if Sam is in deep crap and needs help the fires off that shard thing and poof you have 3 little Nascars kicking butt. I was thinking that the glove power thing he has on his hand in some of the pictures is powered by that shard in the chest in the garage. But hey you never know.

  9. Something else you have to remember is that in ROTF the shard at Mikaela's was used to revive I doubt that the shard idea is true...


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