Monday, September 27, 2010

TF3 Detroit: More Images and Videos and SuperheroHype have recently posted their own galleries and video from the Transformers 3 sets in Detroit.'s images show off the sets from the last week in Detroit including the Packard Plant's Train Wreck set, the Griswold stretch, and the TF Gunship thingy. The site also said Friday was the last day of filming at the Griswold and Grand River location. SHH's gallery is images of the downtown Detroit set taken from the rooftops. Some videos and links to everything else are below.

Pics: SuperHeroHype | Hog's Breath | Packard Plant | Downtown |
Videos: Gunned Down | On Gunship | Optimus Prime


  1. my big question so far is what is that thing with jets its so hard to find out the only think that come across to my mind it really have a look to the takara tommy optimus power up voyager class if you see the picture it does have a look to the one on set...

  2. I think it's alluded on Don Murphy's site that the jet thing is shockwave.

  3. I'm more in the line of thought that those Jets are part of Optimus... He has the extra-parts from Jetfire, being primary the Jets, wings and Bigger Guns (as seen in the end of Revenge of the Fallen) and this thing is mostly composed of big jets and guns in the front, not other recognisable feature.

    And now, coincidentally, Optimus carries a trailer, which was part of the original ideas for Optimus to have his trailer in Revenge of the Fallen, which would transform into an upgraded armor/weapons (this was changed to make it being parts of Jetfire)... But in the end I could be wrong.

  4. 1st video....soundwave attacks..HA!

  5. The more I look at that thing, the more it looks like Topspin who was one of the Jumpstarters. Paint it blue and white and its just like his G1 alt mode. I seriously doubt thats what it is but thats what it looks like.

  6. i dont think you can guess at anything with Bays version of transformers. there is so much variation from the Hasbro line, but Bay does follow the general idea. His stuff is realistic and I do like it, but the designs from the movies obviously arent like the designs of the cartoons or non movie toys. Bays come up with his own thing, which I am ok with.

  7. Martinus Prime9/28/2010 6:46 AM

    @aono 9/27/2010 8:18 PM
    Not to attack you, but Bay doesn't design the Transformers on his own, he designs them with sketch artists and, most importantly, together with Hasbro!
    I think Hasbro has to aproof of the designs as well, so that they immediatly can go to the drawingtable to make the new toy-line that goes along with the movie, so when the movie comes out, the toys are in shops for you to buy.


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