Thursday, September 02, 2010

Transformers Production Halted, Extra in Critical Condition

Today was supposed to be the last day Transformers 3 filmed in the city of Chicago but an extra's injury in Hammond, Indiana has halted production for unknown period of time as the incident is investigated.

My Fox Chicago reports that the extra is 24 year old Gabriella Cedillo from Chicago who was injured when a cable snapped and burst through her Toyota's windshield hitting her. She is currently in critical condition at Loyola Medical Center in Chicago.
“It snapped. The cable snapped, and the cable went into the westbound lane where we were at and hit the girl’s car, smashed the windshield. From the way it looked, I don’t know if she was knocked out immediately or not but the car, because we were already going at a high rate of speed, the vehicle just went, it just kept going,” a witness said, wanting to remain anonymous because of confidentiality agreements.
ABC Chicago also reported about the injury.
"The vehicle was being towed by another vehicle," said fellow extra Blaine Baker. "The cable between the two vehicles broke. It whipped around and sliced through the woman's car and sliced through her skull, apparently. ...They completely shut it down. The equipment pertaining to the stunt was impounded by the Indiana State Police," said Baker.
Paramount has not released a statement about events on the set. My guess is they are waiting to find out if Mrs. Cedillo recovers from her injuries before fashioning a statement as like it or not, the powers that be are focused on any potential legal fallout and probably prevented the cast and crew, including Michael Bay, from commenting on the record. Some links found thanks to


  1. wow, i hope she recovers....hate to see production stop, but nothing is more important than a person's life.

  2. Thanks for the link TFLamb. Yeah no one wants to speak about what happened because there will most likely be some legal fallout unfortunately.

    Luckily not EVERYONE blindly signed the NDA... =-)

    I can say this, as far as the stunt went, it was not crazy or wild, it was the tamest of the stunts pulled off over the 3 days of highway filming. It was simply a freak accident and a grave one at that.

  3. unfortunately shit happens...

    I really hope she makes a full recovery. I do know that that can happen with tow cables. I have seen it on several occasions where it was that cables last pull.

    I suppose all of the times I saw it people were luck and escaped uninjured. This is a sad day for all connected to the project. May we all wish her a speedy recovery. When involved in stunts there is always a risk. This serve as a reminder to those of us who sometimes forget

  4. I hope it improves

  5. even though i highly doubt she will die, i don't think her death would truly stop production, or at least not for long, and the movie would most likely be dedicated to her, it probably will anyways,
    i'm not saying bay doesn't have a heart( if you have heard about the puppy thing), but there are more people who care for the finishing of transformers 3 rather than this incident

  6. At this point Paramount might be forced to postpone the movie to 2012 and Hasbro will have to decide what to do.

  7. I think she was a shape shifter like whats her face in TF2. This is just a cover up, misinformation people! Come on!

    Ps. I'd totally tap dat ass!

  8. >>ghjklbnm said...

    >> even though i highly doubt she will die,
    >> i don't think her death would truly stop
    >> production, or at least not for long, and
    >> the movie would most likely be dedicated to
    >> her, it probably will anyways,

    You highly doubt she will die? A steel cable smashed through her skull! It would be extremely surprising if she didn't die with an injury like that.

  9. @Phil,
    Phineas Gage has a pole go through his head destroying the left side of his brain and coming out the other side. He survived with minor personality changes. It just depends how good the Hospital is and how the injury is.

    I hope she is better soon.

    And to everyone concerned about TF3. They were already ahead of schedule i believe they were finishing the action sequences in Chicago. If anything they might delay the films release by a month or so max. But tbh, from what i`ve read all they have left now are the human scenes or scene`s involving extensive CGI work.


  11. @Anonymous
    That bitch you refer too was helping the production of the film until she got injured. Besides if they didnt stop production the police could stop them using any more stunts, meaning a TF3 film without action. Show some compassion please?

  12. that girl is someones child watch what you say how would you like it if it was you girlfriend /wife or daughter this is very sad and i pray for her and her family and i think everyone that reads this should pray for her too. it should not matter if production is delayed this is a human life at risk.

  13. Apparently she is in stable condition. Thank God.,CST-NWS-transformers03.article

  14. She had to undergo a brain surgery.. Doesnt look good.. god save her..


    Good interview here with slightly more data and pics of the car in the video.

  16. Signing something or not, I hope they don't just turn their back on her saying "You signed a (what ever it is called) that says you took this job at your ouwn risk".

    If she under went brain surgery, stable or not, she is not going to be in good condition. I hope all involved Hasbro, T3 people, Bay whoever, look after her and her families needs. This is very tragic, she just wasn't a person that was part of the crew, she was an extra, that doesn't make her any less important than if Shia got hurt.

  17. @Kasumi, bay can probably afford that, with the TF film franchise already making over $1000 Mil (Not including toy sales) She probably did agree to sign something that said it wouldnt be legally their fault. However given Bay and how much the franchise makes, i guess they could easily give her a few million atleast, infact they`ll probably do that to make sure she`s fine.

  18. Having money to give and actually giving it are 2 different things. I might be looking on the bad side of things, but if she signed something, then they don't legally need to give anything. Just because one has loads of money, doens't mean they are going to give any of it. So many rich people out there, but it doeesn't mean they are willing to share or help others with it. JK Rowling is the only one I have seen as of late doing anything good with her money by donating $15 million dollars. Seems like american stars will donate their time to be on a releif fundraiser, but you never hear how much they donated.

    Like I said, maybe I am looking at the bad side, but money does sometimes make people greedy and selfish.

  19. I’m following this because I hope to work as an extra in the T3 Washington, DC shoot. And over the Labor Day Weekend I saw the horror movie, “Ghost Ship” (, about a ship scavenger team on a haunted luxury passenger ship that disappeared years earlier because of a heist gone wrong. The opening scene is a ship ballroom dance where the dancers are suddenly cut down and in half by a by a thin cable let loose by a gloved hand…


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