Friday, October 08, 2010

DoD Extras Casting Call for DC Shoot

The Department of Defense's Facebook page (trying to wrap my head around that), has posted a extras casting call for Transformers 3 when it films on the National Mall from Tuesday to Thursday. The call is to cast only 33 military extras, limited to DoD volunteers so civilians and non-employees are out of the running. On a related note, ARL Now reports that Transformers 3 will be filming at or around Air Force Memorial from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. The casting call from
Transformers 3 would like to have military extras for a big scene that's scheduled to be filmed in Washington, DC on the National Mall next week. The dates of the filming are from Tuesday, October 12, through Thursday, October 14. This is a night scene, so filming would be from 1830 to approximately 0630 the following morning. It's an important scene involving the U.S. military "NEST" team featured in the other Transformers pictures. It's always much better when actual military personnel portray military extras, rather than civilians.

The production company is seeking:
- 33 men between the ages of 23 and 35;
- Height between 5' 11" and 6" 2" (approximately);

Volunteers must report for NEST uniform fittings on Sunday afternoon, Oct 10, at the Washington Marriott Hotel, 1221 22nd St. NW Washington, DC 20037.

If they are driving, they must park in the public parking lot within a block of the hotel, not at the hotel itself, and proceed to Georgetown #2 Room (just off the lobby). They must be in uniform (ACU, ABU, whatever military attire they wear daily), and bring a pen & ID to fill out a $50 pay voucher (they will receive a check by mail).

Anyone who reports for a fitting will be hired as an extra. Extras must be prepared to work all three nights, though it's likely that the director will not need all 33 extras for the entire 3-day duration of the filming. For each day of filming, they will be paid $100 for the first 8 hours of work, and overtime for any additional hours, to a maximum of approximately $200 if the filming runs over 12 hours.

Interested servicemembers should phone the casting line ASAP, (310) 351-1909 to make an appointment for the fitting, and identify themselves as calling about DC military extras. They should be prepared to be asked about their ethnic identity. The production company wants as much ethnic diversity as possible, and the short-fused nature of the casting call precludes having an audition in person.

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