Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday Transformers Deals

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

If like many, right after turkey and football you might be prepping for the biggest shopping day of the year, aka Black Friday. What is a shopping spree without a few Transformers? If looking to buy, below are highlights sorted by product but didn't bother to list things like Speed Stars or items that were tagged as a "sale" but it’s really just the regular price. A comprehensive list can be found at If you are looking for great electronic deals, Engadget has a roundup of deals here. If are aware of any others, please drop a note in the comments.

Battle Ops Bumblebee
KMart - $39.99
Meijer TG - $34.00
Target - $49.99
Toys R Us - $49.99
Walmart - $49.00

Transformers Deluxe Class
Target - $9.00
Walmart - $9

Powercore Combiner 5-packs
KMart - $14.99
Walmart - $15.00

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen figures
Toys R Us - 50% off or Buy 1 Get 1 Free (depends on class)

War for Cybertron DS Autobot & Decepticon
KMart - $10.00 each
Toys R US - $9.99

Wii War for Cybertron
Walmart - $29.99


  1. Sean Grey Hanson11/25/2010 1:43 AM

    Oh, yeah! I'm excited about the Wii War for Cybertron... great deal!

    Games and great deals channel

  2. a shopping spree without a few transformers is grocery shopping.


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