Monday, November 15, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Sorry for the long delay, between linkfests so this one is extra long with more toy reviews and galleries. The highlight is probably a new auction of G1 Transformers scripts and cels. Also have video reviews for new Prime, 'Bee, Jazz, and more.

G1 Transformers and G.I. Joe Cartoons Document Auction
A new auction that seems to have started might be of huge interest to those that have a deep love for the original 80's cartoons as it will contain original shooting scripts, art work, bios, and more from Transformers, Transformers: The Movie, and G.I. Joe. The auction comes from Ron Friedman who developed and wrote for the various properties. Hit link above for the press release details, and click here for the Heritage Auction Transformers results. I wasn't able to find a way to see all that Friedman was selling in one search but doing a simple search on terms like "Transformers" and "GI Joe" brought up interesting results like scripts, audition dialogue, the movie script, paints cells and more cool stuff.
Update:: All Spark is organizing a donation drive to try and buy up these historical Transformers items so that it be be available for the public online instead of lost in some private collection. Any money left over will be donated to charity. If interested, click here for details. Thanks to General Tekno for the heads-up.

Toy Galleries - Highbrow & Fallen | Grapple | Jazz | Wheeljack, Rumble, Frenzy, Scourge, Laser Prime
More galleries to upcoming releases for the Hunt of the Decepticons, Reveal the Shield, and Takara's Transformers United (aka Generations) lines, most of which are repaints. Reveal the Shield still has this odd tendency to re-release Classic 1.0 and 2.0 molds as repaints but not putting under the "Generations" moniker. Not really sure why they are choosing to go with this type of brand confusion as it seems up to this point they had spent years making a clear distinction between movie inspired toys and the rest. No idea if the Takara United molds will make a stateside visit but would be really surprised if they didn't. More Classic toys the merrier so bring on more Reveal the Shield, United, and Generations

Rolling Thunder Optimus Prime
Xovergen has provided an update on their fan made Transformers project. While given the name of Supreme Tactical Commander-Grand Patriot for copyright reasons, this is really a version of Prime based on the Dreamwave era (if remember right) design of Prime from a G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover mini-series. The figure is expected to come with three heads and lots of weapons. No ideas on the cost but imagine it will be around the $100 mark.

SAP Commercial with Prime Toy Review
Not really sure what the point of the commercial is but SAP Software did at least have enough sense to include a bit with an Optimus Prime toy transforming itself at about the 36 second. Any commercial with some TF love is automatically a good commercial. Thanks to Brian for the link.

Transformers: Generations Thunderwing Review
A rare non-Peaugh review for an upcoming Generations toy that is loosely based on a G1 toy that was mostly used in the comic book line. Over all yet another strong addition to the Classic line that I hope Hasbro plans on continuing for many years.

Costco Battle Ops Bumblebee Review
This is the same figure as the Battle Ops can find on most toy shelves for around $60 but this one sports a pretty sweet gold like paint job. I am still on the fence on ether it is worth the price but so far if decide to commit to buying the figure I think I will hit the Costco version. Regardless of which version, it seems yanking out the battery might be a wise first step. A Black Friday Wal-Mart ad leak indicates a $19.00 price but good luck on getting it before they sell out.

MP - 1L Masterpiece Convoy - Final Edition
Yep, believe it or not, Takara is once again going to re-release the MP Prime mold. This just might be the most released mold ever for a TF toy as it has become truly moronic. The main gimmick with this release is a new base that will have a voice chip as performed by the Japanese voice of Prime.

Primus Video Review
Another review from Optibotimus, this one for the re-release of Primus with a new paint job. Primus's alt mode is the planet Cybertron and companion piece to Unicron. I have the toy, as a gimmick it’s interesting but I was mostly indifferent to the toy and it has quickly made its way into the "archives" of my collection of Transformer bins.

Powercore Combiners Reviews - Grimstone with Dinobots | Steamhammer w/ Constructicons
Hit the link for Peaugh's reviews of two new Powercore 5-packs. I have not seen it on store shelves yet but probably just a matter of time.

Reveal the Shield Deluxe Jazz Review
A clear toy full of G1 Jazz love as this is a sweet recreation from top to bottom. An easy buy for me as soon as I find it. No idea when hitting shelves but hopefully before Christmas.

Reveal the Shield Scout Windcharger Review
Another homage to G1, this one for Windcharger that looks nearly identical to his G1 inspiration but with a better overall design. Again an easy purchase for me and indication that if they keep it up, between Reveal the Shield and Generations, I am going to be busting my entertainment budget for the next few months.


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  2. For the record - it might be worth noting that fansite The Allspark is attempting to do a donation drive to get some of those up-for-auction materials in the hands of the fandom for scanning/posting on the TFWiki for posterity's sake.

    They did the same thing last year to get an old new products Hasbro retailer's catalog from 1986, and raised the money to buy it plus over $2000 extra that was donated to Hasbro Children's Hospitals.



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