Sunday, December 12, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

The first teaser trailer is out and while there isn't much in the movie news department, I do have to tidbits. Also hit the links for reviews, news of upcoming toys and more.

Optimus Prime Signed by Peter Cullen
If you are in the Maryland area, Beyond Comics is holding a raffle ($1 each) for Optimus Prime Hybrid Style THS-02 signed by the voice himself, Peter Cullen. All the proceeds will be going to Toys for Tots. The raffle is through December 18th and while it requires a visit by the store to participate it doesn't mean you can't do your part for Toys for Tots by clicking here.

Frank Welker Interview
The voice of Megatron talks Transformers: Prime and different between doing Megs now and for Generation One.

Peter Cullen Interview
Another interview, this time with the voice of Optimus Prime as he also talks about the cartoon and desire to maintain a consistency with the character through the years and various incarnations along with joy of working with Welker again. Of note is it turns out he has been working on Dark of the Moon for about a year. Thanks to rumah for the links.
I’ve been recording now for about a year with Michael Bay, and I’ve had some wonderful experiences. I went down to an airport hangar in Long Beach and worked with some of the on-camera actors and that was a wonderful experience to be a part of the movie on the technical side, because normally I’m just pinned into a small room in front of a microphone by myself.
Peter David Writing DOTM Novelization
The comics books writer (Hulk, Flash, Young Justice, Dark Tower), book writer (Star Trek: New Frontier, many more), script writer and really a list of work that is mind boggling has announced that he has been tapped to write the adaptation of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, saying "I can’t provide any plot details about it since I’ve signed enough non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements to join the NSA, so don’t bother asking."

Transformers: Prime Darkness Rising Eps
The Hub has posted all five episodes of the opening story arc for Transformers: Prime.

Generations Scourge Video Review
The Transformers: The Movie character joins the "classics" line with a need update as now his alt mode is basically a blue and white stealth bomber (I smell future repaint). The alt mode and robot mode of this character is very sweet and a definite must have for my list.

More Transformers Video Reviews
Generations G2 Laser Optimus Prime - Based on the Generations 2 toys with the colorful paint scheme. Not great but if found on sale probably get.
Powercore Skyhammert - 5 pack review
Powercore Heavy Tread - 5 pack review
Legends Megatron - Tiny but pretty sweet shrinking of the G1 toy which Masterpiece Starscream can hold.
Legends Optimus Prime - The G1 version with a slight but creative design tweak to give it a better cartoon look.
Legends Prowl - Yep, another G1 character, joins the rest on the must get list.
Legends Starscream - Another G1 toy that while shrunk employs creative engineering to give it a more cartoon look.
Legends Trailbreaker - Same story, same cool G1 mini homage.
Legends Goldbug - Another G1 homage, another to add to must get list.
Re-Reissue Predaking - This classic G1 figure gets another release from Takara. Considered one of the best combiners ever from the Generation One line, it is now also one of the most expensive. If you have the money, it might be worth it.

Roomba TF3 Mod
A Roomba plus Jeffery's excellent logos equals a "Roombatron" worth owning as created by Freddi. Thanks for the pics.


  1. Peter Cullen has created a character that shows the epitome of what a leader should be. If only we had leaders in world positions that resembled those qualities of Optimus Prime. Thanks Peter!

  2. Only Peter Cullen could rival Frank Welker's position as voice acting legend. God bless them both.

  3. @ 12:58 what are you talking about idiot there is no human with those "qualities" optimus prime was created to bring a good spirit to kids and take a good sample but as we grow up we become more stupid and senceless worry free about things that really matter.

  4. @ 8:49 lol WOW. Sober up and use spell check if your gonna rip someone apart and call them an idiot next time. Pot calling the kettle black. I love it when people do this and make themselves out to be a complete tool in the process of trying to make fun of someone.

  5. @ 8:49 - As a fellow "idiot", I'd nominate Optimus Prime for president...fictional or not. 12:58's post clearly implies no human possesses such qualities, whether in a world position or not. So back off, sip your Kool Aid and enjoy DOTM upon its release ;-)

  6. @ 9:39 fine...i will :p


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