Monday, January 10, 2011

Transformers Linkfest

Transformers: Prime Art
From Jose Lopez, a look at the character art created for Transformers: Prime during the character design phase. I can't remember enough to know if these represent the final character designs or is concept art that led to the final designs. If a fan of the cartoon, worth a look. (via TFW2005)

MP Rodimus Designer Interview
TFW2005 has posted a translation of an interview from Figure OH Magazine with Hironori Kobayashi who designed Masterpiece Rodimus Prime that should be coming out any time now. The interview covers his thoughts that went into designing the Transformer such as trying to incorporate his transformation process from the movie.

MP Rodimus as Toys R Us Exclusive
New listing in Toys R Us UK indicates that Masterpiece Rodimus will be released as a global exclusive (so in US too). Early rumors indicate that Hasbro was going to keep the trailer off the figure to keep the costs down but that has yet to be confirmed or denied. In addition the listings show that a "Cyberverse Ark Set" is part of the release slate, the first Hasbro and Paramount specific use of the name in relation to Dark of the Moon. The set is probably the usual 2-3 pack of figures around a certain story theme.

Dreamwave Comics Transformers' Endings
Simon Furman, long time writer of Transformers comics, has posted what his writing plans had been if Dreamwave had not folded after not paying creators and being financially gutted by Pat Lee. Hit the links below if curious about his plans for finishing the then current story arcs for the G1 Transformers and Energon comics.
Transformers #14 | Energon #32 Pt 1 | Energon #32 Pt 2 | Energon #33 Pt 1 | Energon #33 Pt 2 | Energon #33 Pt 1 | Energon #33 Pt 2 | Energon #34 Pt 1 | Energon #34 Pt 2 | Energon #35 | Energon #36

Transformers: United Comparison Images
Hit the link to go to for a list of links that shows off Takara's United line and compares it with Hasbro's Classic/Generations counterpart. In most cases, to no surprise, the result is a superior paint job that results in a better looking figure over what Hasbro produced.

Transformers: United Commercial
Speaking of, Seibertron has posted a long commercial that introduces the first wave of United toys that Takara is releasing.

Transformers DOTM Custom Ironhide
Another great fan custom project that was inspired by the upcoming movie. Not entirely sure but it seems to be sporting a darker paint job, more blues and more details then the current Voyager version it is derived from.

Generations Wreck-Gar Video Review
New review from Peaugh that shows off the TV obsessed character from Transformers: The Movie. The figure is probably one of the most faithful translations yet of the Generation line with a creative transformation sequence (that the ROTF Arcees could have used). Once again, yet another Generations toy that is a must have.

Alpha Trion or Unicron Comparison Video
It might be slow on the Transformers 3 news front but it doesn't mean the speculation has to stop. The video below, thanks to Feris, is an interesting way to asking the question that really the robot at the end of the trailer based on Chuck Norris?


  1. Thats Sentinel Prime in the trailer. If you look at his antenas,you will see that he looks like Optimus Prime.

  2. "That's Sentinel Prime, because he looks like Optimus Prime!"...? What kind of logic is that? :P But yeah, it's propably him.


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