Monday, February 21, 2011

Wheeljack Returns for Transformers: Prime

The next episode of Transformers: Prime that will air re-introduces Wheeljack to the Transformers universe as an old friend of Bulkhead. The preview picture is posted on TFWiki. Wheeljack was a Generation One character that created the Dinobots and Aerialbots who acted as kind of scientist/mechanic for the Autobots. He briefly appeared in Transformers: Animated but really has not been seen as a character since Transformers: The Movie, possibly because of the untimely death of Chris Latta who voiced the character (and also voiced Starscream and Cobra Commander). As a G1 and Wheeljack fan, I hope this is the beginning of his reintroduction into Transformers universe on a regular basis in whatever future iterations Hasbro comes up with. The new episode "Con Job", airs this Friday at 6:30pm EST on The Hub. (via TFormers)


  1. I only hope that the movie-verse Wheeljack looks this cool. The early pics of the bot "Q" that people are assuming is Wheeljack did not look so hot.

  2. Hope his head lights up when he talks!

    Wonder if he'll sound like his jersey mechanic version:

  3. really looks like g1 wheeljack

  4. wow! wonder if there making a figure out of it?


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