Friday, March 11, 2011

9.0 Earthquake with Tsunami Hits Japan (Updated)

At 2:46PM Japan time (5:46AM UTC/GMC time or 12:46am EST), a 9.0 magnitude (upgraded from 8.9) earthquake struck 231 miles off the coast of north Japan. The resulting tsunami was reported to be as high as 33 feet high when they struck the coast of Japan causing extensive damage and unknown casualties. Aftershocks continue to be felt in the country as rescue efforts begin. The earthquake is the fifth largest recorded magnitude since 1900 and the largest recorded for Japan. (EDIS details on quake)

In additional at least 20 countries and Pacific islands have issued tsunami alerts. Effected countries include Russia, Indonesia, Guatemala and state of Hawaii. The time of land fall can be estimated but size of the tsunami when it hits will be unknown as no telling how much it may dissipate as it travels across the Pacific Ocean. There is even a giant whirlpool off the coast.

For Japan the crisis turns to rescue and recovery with shelter, food and water becoming an issue for people trapped by the water, mud and destruction. For the rest of the world, we hold are breath and wait to see what happens as countries in the tsunami's path are hit. Thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan.

If you wish to donate, the Red Cross is taking donations here or used text messaging by sending the word REDCROSS to 90999. Each text will donate $10 to the fund and will show on your next phone bill.

Below are links to live coverage of this tragic disaster along with a video of the tsunami as it swept across farmland taking homes, cars and more with it a path of destruction.

Live Japan TV UStream | Live AlJazeera TV | Live BBC News

Update: The tsuanami wave has hit the various Pacific countries but the after effects continue. The wave reached as far as six miles inland near Sendai, destroying entire town in the Miyagi Prefecture. Japan's nuclear power plants are in a state of emergency as cooling systems have failed and its possible the venting of nuclear gas may be necessary to avoid a meltdown. If that wasn't enough, some of them are now reporting radiation leaks into the surrounding area. Now buildings are collapsing, on fire and people are stuck on roofs desperate for rescue. Land all along the Pacific Ocean were hit, with reports of 8 foot waves in Hawaii (causing minor damage) and retaining enough power to still be a few feet high wave rolled through San Francisco Bay. The long term problems Japan is facing are massive in proportion. We already know the Japanese people are resiliant and strong. The question isn't will they recover, just how long it will take.

Here are more links to coverage, videos and more of this tragic disaster that has taken a current unknown number of lives.

Tsunami hits Sendai - 18 minutes of video as the tsnuami strikes area
Google Crisis Reponse Site - resources to get more information, including "People Finder" for those effected by disaster.
Power of the Japan Tsunami - Color code image of tsunami amplitude (in cm) for 1st 24 hours of wave propagation.
Earthquake Ripple video - Computer generation of shockwave as spreads across Pacific Ocean
Audio of Quake - "harmonic and rhythmic sounds are the sonification of seismic activity off coast of Honshu" during the quake.
Skyscapers swaying video - Bizarre to see even if part of building design to help absorb earthquake shock waves.
Eyewitness Video Collection - A bunch of videos that show the disaster as it occurred
Aerial Photos of Destruction - Large gallery that shows extent of the damage to Japan

UStream Live


  1. I've been watching CNN for the past couple of hours, and I've seen devastatingly tragic stuff that I never thought I would see outside of a movie. I wonder if this tragedy will force Bay to kick the DOTM footage down a notch.

  2. I'm freaking out

  3. This is certainly tragic, but what does it have to do with Transformers??

  4. Thoughts and prayers with everyone affected by this awful event unfolding.

  5. @Anonymous 3/11/2011 6:00 AM: you people are just out of your mind completely. What the heck are you talking about? People die everyday in the world. There are wars, earthquakes in many countries. Then what? What would be the purpose of censoring movies featuring destruction? For what purpose? Why?
    It would be just retarded and plain stupid. So war movies should be censored because there are wars somewhere in the world?

  6. I will pray for you Japan...

  7. First off, I have to agree with the above post. Why in the hell would the movie be toned down because of this? Thats the stupidest thing I've heard in a long long time.

    Secondly, why is this even posted here? This has nothing to do with transformers. And quite frankly, I don't come here for this shit, I go to CNN for news. I come here for transformers. Or is the blog owner wanting more hits and hopes to get them this way? I mean, he was complaining in a post that Hasbro gave real sites a look at the game and not him. Maybe thats it! ;)

  8. It's his blog. He can post about having severe jock itch for all I care.

    My thoughts & prayers with everyone in the Pacific region effected by the quake.

  9. I know it's his blog. I just don't care about Japan. It's all over every fucking site online. I was kinda just wanting some transformers news. Not more crap about Japan. And since the guy up there is gonna pray for Japan, I'm gonna go ahead and have a good laugh about it!

    Sucks to be you!Congrats on the Shaken not Stirred Award for 2011! :D WOOOHOOOOO!

    Kracker's OUT!

  10. @Kracker

    Geez... you didn't have to read the article and post a comment complaining. A blog is a blog, and he can put whatever he wants. What if he likes Japan and just wants to tell us how bad he feels this happened? So close-minded...

    Anyways, my prayers to everyone out there.


  11. ^^^@ Kracker
    This is major world news. What would you do if you had an 8.9 eartquake where you lived? We'd all just sit and laugh and say, "sucks to be you!" because YOU would most likely not survive. Have a freakin heart man.

  12. Last I checked, the owner of this blog can put whatever they want on's theirs....if you don't like a particular post, don't read have that choice. Just like the blog owner has a choice on what he wants to put on here. If you want to complain, please go somewhere else....this world would be a better place if people just stopped complaining about every little thing that doesn't go right in their lives.

    My prayers go out also to everyone affected by this tragedy.

  13. Reximus Prime3/11/2011 1:43 PM for relevance... Isn't Transformers from Japan?? I know this focuses on movie news, but as the blog owner has done before... You supplement lack of movie news with other Transformers news. And I'd be surprised if this doesn't affect something or someone affiliated with Transformers or Takara in Japan.

  14. well done for linking the story to decent news sites Al Jazera, and BBC news,

    i would aslo recomment NHK and Press TV

    i thank you again for not linking it to something like FOX

  15. @ Kracker

    I can tell you were one of those " ...hey guys, wait for me" kids growing up weren't you ! Aside from obviously not growing up at all and making a complete ass of yourself on this also show that you have the empathy and intelligence of a junk of ice. Go take your complete ignorence elsewhere jackass.
    Oh...and I would be careful saying those things and laughing at others dying and facing horrific turmoil...things tend to come back around you imbasile.

    5,000,000 sperm and this guy was the fastest?? please !!

    Thoughts and many prayers go to Japan and all those involved in this horrible event.

  16. Oh...and I correct my typo in the above post...calling that jack ass an imbasile...its spelled "imbecile." I thought I would correct that as most people on here are intelligent people...unlike this Kracker douche.

    TFLAMB is a great site !! Thanks for posting the news about Japan...its your blog, and we need to respect that :D

  17. I'm hoping no more damages occur to so many innocent people. When disasters strikes, it's nothing else really matters, only the people that care for you..

    And "Cracker" (above) all I can say is WTF? I really hope you are no older than 10. No body would give a flying F*** about transformers if the ground suddenly starts coming apart, and everyone on your block dies in seconds... these are terrible things.

  18. Actually i was in the Whittier CA quake in the 80s. Earthquakes don't bother me, and as it's his blog, and he can post whatever he wants to, I am also free to complain about whatever I wish. I personally don't care for hearing about the earthquake on a Transformers site. As stated above, thats what CNN is for.

    I am also well over ten years old, and quite frankly I do hope lots of people died. The earth is overpopulated as it is and if we keep having a major earthquake every few months than it's like mother natures way of culling the herd a little bit.

    To Moises, my name is "Kracker" with a K not a C you dumbshit. Learn to fucking read it's right above you in plain english. Jesus you people need to get a sense of humor.

    So did you guys hear that Haiti is presenting the Shaken not Stirred Award to Japan? Maybe they will have starving homeless children from Haiti give it to a Hiroshima survivor or something! >:D

  19. Why is the artile posted here about Japans earthquake and the connection to Transformers...Isnt Japan the birthplace of Transformers? Just a thought. It is indirectly relevant.

  20. This little kid Kracker just made a bigger ass of himself than any of us could ever do on here.

    not even gonna bother...this kid is doing a better job all by himself.

  21. Moderator please come clean this kracker sh!t off our screen, and ban it...adults want to chat.

  22. @ kracker

    "and quite frankly I do hope lots of people died. The earth is overpopulated as it is and if we keep having a major earthquake every few months than it's like mother natures way of culling the herd a little bit."

    If mother nature operated like that, Sh!ts like YOU would be the first to go ....dumb ass !

  23. Hey ASSKrack,

    don't hate the world 'cause ya have no friends !!

  24. @ Kracker
    It's people like you that we all hate. Had you been there, had you been mortally wounded, you'd have been BEGGING for help. We ought to find you and kill you, if you think the world is "Overpopulated". If that's true, then we can do withought people like YOU. Let's hope you can recieve even a SPECK of sympathy from anyone when you're gone.

  25. @Kracker

    Why don't you do mother nature a favor and not wake up? Ignorance isn't going to get you very far in life but that's ok. Just remember everything comes back full circle so just remember watch those stormy skies at night. We wouldn't want your hollow cranium being blessed by a lightning bolt.

  26. Wow

    what had this post become

    my prayers go out to the ppl in japan

    btw, the guy that said the movie should be toned down, KILL URSELF.

  27. Let's not argue with Kracker or make harsh suggestions. Doing so would only be stooping down to his or her level. Consider the matter dropped.

  28. ^^^I like them :D
    Thoughts and prayers to Japan

  29. @Kracker
    you're a douchebag. i don't think you deserve to live on earth as human. you're animal. you laugh at the victims? well, wait until you suffer like them, and we'll all laugh at you.

    prayers to japan.

  30. Thank you to everyone that decided to show exactly how immature and fucked up people can really be. :) Yes, I am an asshole, but no I am not a child. I am 33 and have quite a few very good friends who have been laughing their asses off at the responses I have gotten for this comment thread. You fuckers need to get your damn panties outta your assholes. I have been through alot and have seen my more than my fair share of suffering which is why I find this funny. Get over it assholes! and to the asshat that feels that I should be killed for my comments than I guess that would make you just as bad wouldn't it? Yes, my prayers went out to the people in Japan, until the 5 friends that I have living there were reported safe. Other than those 5 people? I really don't care. My family is safe and quite frankly, I could give two shits less about the rest of those assholes that I don't know. Have a good day you uptight assfuckers! Can we please move on to Transformers now?

  31. hey ASScrack,

    you're blog sucks too !

  32. @ cracker,

    Once again you made an ass out of yourself on here, and we really don't even have to say anything lol. And we are supposed to believe you have friends?? Ha! what a joke.

    Get lost "cracker"

  33. yeah Krackhead,

    you should stick to talking about transformers since you obviously do not have your head screwed on right.
    Lets keep things in the world of make-believe for this weirdo, so he can feel like he at least fits in somewhere.
    Oh and don't worry, most people on here will not sink to your level're already doing a great job of wishing things on yourself, without any help from us. Just wait an see.

    ps. I'm not giving this weird fu#k anymore of my time.

  34. @Kracker
    This blog has some Japanese funs, You know?

    Post from japan. I'm @tokyo.I'm safe.
    But there are some friends with no response.
    Mobiles not work(network limited).
    No electric stricken areas.
    More than once at everyhour the ground is shaking.

    Thanks for some prayers.

  35. Japanese funs? What are those? Weird. I'm sure it has some japanese 'fans' though. :) And I hope that you are alright and that your friends are alright also.

    You people need a sense of humor. I didn't say it wasn't sad. It is. But life des go on and I am not gonna sit here and feel sorry for the people from that disaster when there are hundreds and thousands of people here that need help. Every single day. Yet no one does a damn thing. Do I think it's tragic? Yes. But I also find humor in the situation because it could have been much much worse.

    They estimate that Japan has had more than an 8ft shift in position while altering the rotation of the Earth by four inches. That's what I find scary. An 8ft shift is alot. My opinion is my opinion.Which in this country is still free to express. You may think I'm an asshole, or duechebag, or whatever you want to think, and thats your opinion. Which, for those of you that responded civilly, I respect. But for the rest of you, fuck off.

    I didn't make an ass out of myself, I made $25 off of a bet with my friend from this. Thats what I made. Deal with it. Anyone wants to have a civil discussion about something feel free to start one. :)

  36. At Krackarse,

    Yet another "civil" response from arseKrack. Get off your stomach and try walking on two legs for a change. The fact that this guys actually thinks he is being normal and civil in saying the things he has said on this thread is a testament to his mental state.

    And no, I don't think you are an asshole, assholes are useful.

    But I do think you have some serious problems for a young 33 year old.

    Thoughts and prayers go to all who need them in this disaster that is still very much unfolding.

  37. Can somebody explain to me why this is being reported here? :/

  38. @ "crackers"

    funny...this guys response gets a little less mean each time he takes a blast of sh!t from ppl on here...thus proving he knows he is an idiot!!

    take a "time out" d!@k licker

    me and my families thoughts are with those poor people and children in that country.

  39. Anonymous said...

    "Can somebody explain to me why this is being reported here? :/"
    3/12/2011 7:05 PM

    Sure was reported here because sometimes real things happen in real life, and as a blog owner, this person decided to let us know about this major event in a post. It was posted here for us to read "if" we choose to. Also it has real ties to the transformers being Japan an all.

    hope that helps

  40. The Tsunami was a cover up for Godzilla.

  41. @Kracker,

    Look, all you are doing is making the controversy worse, I am not here to insult you, but your comment "sucks to be you" is extremely insulting ok? We are asking for an apology from you to Japan and to the blog owner here (just put it here) for writing such an irresponsible comment and laughing at it while 390,000 lives were lost. My friend Guy (fuck off if you make fun of his name) apparently had a friend who DIED in the quake, and in the meantime, you just brag about your friends that are alive. That I am happy for you, but next time don't post shit like this.

  42. Making what controversy worse? Fuck you. If Japan wants an apology for my comments then they can file a complaint form with my complaint dept. Then they can go fuck themselves.

    As for the rest of you people, I have already explained that this was a joke. Do I feel sorry for the people? No. Does it suck? Yes. I don't care one little bit about the people in Japan that I don't know. They, like you all, can fuck off. Yes I wanted to move on to having civil discussions, but apparently the "mature" people around these here parts are to "mature" to let it go. Fuck off.

    At least I don't hide behind 'anonymous' names and have the balls to state my opinion as mine. Unlike just about everyone here that will only respond with anonymous user names. Fuck off.

    Also, for the asshats that thin correcting the spelling of my nickname makes them look intelligent, it doesn't. It makes you look like a pompous ass for refusing the acknowledge the correct spelling. Fuck off.

    P.S. To the above poster who's friends friend died in Japan, Fuck you for being a fucking retard, fuck your imaginary friend, and fuck his dead imaginary friend. I hope that you choke on Ga.....Guys cock next time you fall asleep in his lap. Fuck Japan.

  43. Kracker- As an American you are entitled to say or believe anything you want. You said you would try and have a mature converstion... Well, here you go. I might as well not try and insult you like everyone else, it won't do a thing. Honestly, why can't you just let it go? They are entitled just as much as you to say and think what they want; just as TFLAMB did with this post. Yeah, it should be Transformers news, but reality happens sometimes. "Fuck" us all you want, but we still have our rights to say what we want about Japan. Go ahead and say what you will, but it will be pointless because I don't plan on viewing this again.

  44. @AssKrack,

    You sure like making a complete ASS of yourself on here yet AGAIN lol, with your weirdness and sick twisted sense of "humor." Not giving a F*@K about Japan is one thing, but ...hoping people died ( one of his earlier jack ass posts) is a testament to your stupid head.

    I have a dog, her name is Xia (shee-ah)and she is smarter than you. How sad is that :S

    No wonder you are so bitter at the world ...

    with no friends, and having been cursed to live inside that stupid head of yours !!!

    Oh...and btw your "blog" both sucks and blows :S

    Thought and prayers are with those poor people in need at this time.

  45. Crackers you are a joke, get lost somewhere...

    Now that we had cleaned the stink (crackers) out of here, I proceed with my post :)

    The event in Japan is still unfolding. But it is nice to see how other countries are helping...too bad it takes a huge event like this for nations to work together for a common good. But I'll take it.

    Many prayers to the people


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