Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DOTM Bumblebee Review and More Toy Galleries

Still no new news on the movie front nor definitive confirmation of a new trailer with Sucker Punch. In the meantime, here is a bunch of new Transformers: Dark of the Moon toy galleries and a new Peaugh review with deluxe Bumblebee. Below are links to a look at Takara's voyager Prime, a Starscream exclusive, info on trading cards, and more images of Top Spin, Roadmaster, and Laserbeak.

Takara Voyager Optimus Prime (5x)
While the States and elsewhere are going to get the regular voyager Optimus Prime, it seems Japan will enjoy a modified version that will come with a trailer and a different MechTech weapon that can turn to a battle blade. I suspect this figure will get a release later as an exclusive for one of the major retail chains.

Target Exclusive Voyager Starscream
The toys are not even out and already Starscream has repaints for two of his classes. This time his voyager version is getting a modified paint job for Target that seems to include a darker gray paint job, gold highlights for the Cybertronian tattoos, black head and other touches.

Transformers Trading Card Game
Takara has announced plans to create a Magic: The Gathering type game around the Transformers movie. The game will have various mechanics specific to the TF universe like using Energon cubes and transformations. Even if don't like the game, it seems the artwork might make it worthwhile. No indications if the cards will be released in other regions.

Transformers: DOTM Trading Cards
Notice the lack of game at the end as these are standard cards being released for Dark of the Moon by EnterPLAY. No idea on set size but assume be the usual mix of cast pictures and stills from the movie. Also something about a dog tag.

Leader Bumblebee Gallery (x19)
Hit the link for a look at the leader Bumblebee including an attempt to approximate his "stealth mode" that is part of the movie and the video game.

Laserbeak Pictorial Review (x34)
Large gallery of images of Laserbeak along with a written review of the toy. Still a pretty ugly figure, much like Ravage. Thanks to Sahara for the link.

Deluxe Top Spin Gallery (x22)
Hit the link for a sizable gallery that shows off the blue NASCAR deluxe toy Top Spin.

Deluxe Roadbuster Gallery (x26)
Another gallery of a NASCAR character, this time for Roadbuster.

Deluxe Bumblebee Video Review
Below is Peaugh's review of DOTM deluxe Bumblebee. Like all the deluxes, it’s a new smaller mold and a solid addition to the many previous versions already released for this character.

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