Sunday, March 20, 2011

Transformers Linkfest

ROTF Accurate Custom Jolt
Hit the link for a gallery of images of a custom job that create a more movie accurate version of Jolt from Revenge of the Fallen complete with battle damage and arm tips that were used to provide Optimus with the "jolt" he need to merge if Jetfire's parts. Thanks to Bryan for the link.

NASA Announces Winner of Transformers Video Contest
A month or so ago, NASA held a contest for elementary school students to create videos about "their favorite technology." The contest was collaboration between Hasbro, Paramount and NASA "to help students understand how NASA technology 'transforms' into things used daily." The winners receive the NASA Optimus Prime trophy during the awards ceremony on April 12th with Peter Cullen (voice of Prime) at the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. Congrats to the winners. (via Seibertron)

G1 Reproduction Tech Spec Card Set
A new Transformers product has popped up for Generation One collectors. This card set takes the tech specs that were on the back of the boxes from the 1984 toys and re-creates them as cards with touched up artwork, and fine tuning to create a consistent look. I have no idea how many cards are part of the set but the cost comes in at $34.99. Hit up your favorite Transformers importer to order.

G1 Legends Gallery
Hit the link for a look at the upcoming release of various Generation One characters in the tiny legend size. The wave will include Optimus Prime, Megatron (with gun alt mode), Starscream, Trailbreaker, Prowl, and Goldbug.

Perfect Effect Reflector Image (5x total, 3 below)
Perfect Effect has released images of their upcoming release that re-creates the rare Generation One toy Reflector which was a mail away figure back in 1984 and very hard to find and expensive to purchase when you do. The alt mode is a camera that separates into three robots that all appear cartoon accurate. The result is an awesome (and likely also expensive) non-Hasbro sanctioned Transformer.

Beast Wars Season One
Amazon has posted the listing for the re-release of Beast Wars to 4 disc DVD set. The release date is scheduled for June 7, 2011 with a current price tag of $19.99 which is about half of what I paid for the set I have from 10 or so years ago (bought at the now defunct MediaPlay). The set will have extras but currently no details on what that will be. Shout Factory! had previously released the Generation One cartoons on DVD and it wouldn't surprise me if a complete Beast Wars set is in the works. They also announced that they plan on released Transformers: Takara Collection: Headmasters series in the US which continued the G1 story where the last season left off so a kind of season five or sorts.

Seth MacFarlane as Gregory Peck Explaining Transformers
Hit the link for a brief video segment from Seth and Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show that aired last summer where Seth MacFarlane does an impression of Gregory Peck who is doing an impression of the transformation sound. Thanks to Feris for the link.

MegaMan vs. Starscream Stop Motion
A fun video that has MegaMan (Rockman) fighting against various his enemies and various toys including Starscream as a boss fight.

Generations Thundercracker Video Review
A look at the Classics Starscream repainted in blue. I have lost track of how many times this mold has been re-used, at least half a dozen and yet with the seekers it doesn't seem nearly as annoying as it does with other figures. Since Starscream was a fantastic mold, no surprise this one is solid also. (via TFW2005)

Generations Warpath Video Review
A Peaugh review of the deluxe character that is homage to the Generations One toy. The result is a solid addition to the classics line.

Generations Wheeljack Video Review
Another Peaugh review, this time for Wheeljack. A repaint of Generations Track so it is no surprise that this one is a sweet figure.

United Tracks Video Review
Speaking of Tracks, hit the link for Peaugh's review of the Japan version. It is an identical mold but have a superior paint job and more G1 accurate flame design on the hood.


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  2. just read on shoot for the edit site,
    Bay says the customs guy is "lying through his ass," apparently Jolt is not movie accurate.

  3. when are they going to release episodes on BLUE RAY you think they would have by now.


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