Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Even More DOTM Toy Galleries

All remains basically dead on the Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie front. Sadly nothing either to verify if the trailer is coming next week either. In the meantime here is more toy stuff. Hit links below to view galleries of Optimus Prime with trailer, more Shockwave, Roadbuster and Jolt along with hints possible new additions to the DOTM toy line like Takara’s version of the combined Prime w/ trailer mode, human alliance Bumblebee and more.

Voyager Optimus Prime with Trailer (3x) A Japan Yahoo Auction provides a look at a version of Optimus Prime that currently has not been confirmed for American or European release. This version has voyager Optimus Prime with his trailer that currently is just a shell. Knowing Takara, it wouldn't surprise me if they have plans for that shell.

Voyager Sentinel Prime and Other Sets Speaking of the Japan market, while no pictures are provided Kapow Toys reports three new toys are joining the DOTM line there. Sentinel Prime is getting a voyager class release and two sets of around $100 each are planned - "#430254 T/F G1CONVOY & Movie OPTIMUS w/TRAILER" and "#430261 T/F G1MEGATRON & Movie MEGATRON". The details beyond that are unknown so no telling if looking at new molds, re-releases, DOTM molds are what that the sets will contain.

Jetwing Optimus Prime (1x) It seems Butterfly...I mean Ultimate Optimus Prime may not be the only Optimus Prime plus trailer that might get released. As the blurry image shows, Takara may have another version planned but it’s possible they took the Hasbro Ultimate mode and tweaked it while theory suggests a type of statue.

Speed Stars Stealth Force (6x) Hit the links to see Bumblebee and Top Spin in non-transforming Speed Star line that shows off their "stealth force" mode. Called stealth I guess because of all the hidden weapons that come out to play.

Leader class Ironhide (7x) Hit the link for pics of the leader class version of Ironhide that is pretty sick looking. Considering his history of getting even better repaints, not sure if should get him or wait it out.

HK-TF DOTM Galleries - Shockwave (24x) Roadbuster (14x) HA Whirl (11x) Jolt (11x) Links to various DOTM toys we have already seen before multiple times but the overall quality of the pictures let you see the details. (via Seibertron & TFormers)

Human Alliance and Silver Bumblebee (24x) Another gallery with two more versions of Bumblebee. One is a Human Alliance version that comes with Sam. It is labeled at MechTech but could be a repaint of the ROTF version. The images of Silver Bumblebee don't provide enough details to determine much but assume it is a planned repaint of one of the deluxe versions being released next month.

Deluxe or FAB Optimus Prime (3x) Hit the link to view yet another version of Optimus Prime that is in the DOTM toy pipeline. The size suggests a deluxe version of Optimus Prime but the simplistic transformation hints at a possible Fast Action Battler.


    Suppose I best give a potential movie-related spoiler warning here for anyone who doesn't want to know but I've read the first two issues of Rising Storm (prequel comic) and there's a few characters already revealed. Disappointingly it seems they're already on Earth before the movie starts so we won't see any earth landings.
    I don't know when the comic is released in stores but I got it off iTunes on my iPad so nothing dodgy here.
    Read on if you wish...
    The second of the issues introduces us to Astrotain who bears no resemblance to any earth vehicle. This seems highly likely he could be in the movie as his Cyb.mode will have to be completely CGI thus we won't have seen him on set. He is responsible for Wheelie's 'friend', another 'accented' drone unit used for 'intelligence'.
    Shockwave already seems to be on earth having crash-landed in chase of the Allspark, this time held captive 'ala' Megatron from TF#1 by the Sovien Union. Megs retrieves him and takes him to Africa where there seems to be a herd of 'Cons in Beast Mode, incl. L'beak in bird mode.
    The end of the issue reveals Wheeljack (with an old-fashioned English accent, too dorky really) who I think is meant to be the blue Mercedes. A red car then transforms (red Ferrari ??)........ into Mirage.
    I've said too much... !!

  2. Massive Kool!!!!!!

  3. Luis Cotovio4/07/2011 9:09 AM

    Quite frankly, the only figure i'm planing of buying right now is Leader Class Sentinel Prime. Other than that what really has me excited are the Dual Model Kits of Optimus and Bumblebee. They look awesome. :D

  4. hail megatron!!

  5. Simbatron the people that make the comics dont know the official script there just making things up. The Mercedes and the Ferrari could be anyone.


  6. the Mercedes is Wheeljack and the Ferrari is Mirage.

  7. shame but silverbolt is right.
    i stopped looking at the movie comics because they are really throw away in terms of whats going on in the films.

  8. AUGH!!! This waiting and waiting is gettin to good!!!

  9. check it out go at google images and digite crowbar dotm in toy fair you are click on image we show barricade in package on page you see very images of robots:leadfoot,crowbar and others

  10. Sentinel Prime turns out to make a deal with megatron and then Sentinel ends up killing Ironhide at the N.E.S.T. base and the no wrecks everything there. Optimus kills Sentnel and Megatron with one arm in the end.


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