Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DOTM Toys Post Release Links

To my limited knowledge, the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys are now released worldwide (press release). Reports indicate your mileage will vary at the local level as many stores are doing a less then spectacular job of getting the toys up on shelves despite having many months advance noticed to be prepared. Related to this is yet more toy news, reviews, and galleries along with a few DOTM odds and ends in the links below.

Mechtech Optimus Prime with Trailer (10x)
Another version of Optimus Orune that is currently Japan only. This one is a look of voyager class Optimus Prime that comes with his trailer. We have seen leaks of this toy before but still cool to see. No news if this will get a stateside release anytime soon but I would be really surprised if it didn't as an exclusive at some point in time.

Toys R Us Hong Kong Midnight Launch Gallery
Hit the link to view pictures from the launch of the line last Friday night in Hong Kong that to

Australian DOTM Toy Guidebook
Hit the link for images from a "guidebook" that was given out to Melbourne TRU buyers that show off many of the toys that are being released. Of note is a look at a new Cyberforce Optimus Prime that is sporting his blades and deluxe Cyberfire Bumblebee which is a third deluxe version of this character. At this point I am confused on what Wave 1, 2 and 3 are composed of and when they hit stores but assuming that Hasbro is trying to get them all out in time to take advantage of the movie's release.

Official Transformers for Camaros
If you own a 2010 to 2012 Camaro, it seems there are official products reaching automotive stores to trick your car out with. The list includes 4 gas covers, 2 hitch covers and door sills. Hit the link to view the full line-up.

Robo Power Cine-Masks TV Commercials - Odd Man Out | Perfect Couple
The two links above are the new commercials hitting the airwaves to promote the 3D masks that are now available at retails. The idea is when you go to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon in theatres you can pay $10 to wear the Optimus Prime or Bumblebee masks rather than make use of the glasses usually given to you with the ticket. Not really sure who the masks are aimed at considering all the ones wearing them seem to be in their 20s. Thanks to Feris Othman for the heads-up.

Optimus Prime at the Maxim 100 Party
Hit the link to view Nelson's gallery of images from the Maxim 100 party where Transformers: Dark of the Moon's Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was inexplicably named the most beautiful woman in the world by the publication. Yeah I admit, “but-her-face” comes to mind but hoping she will be a pleasant surprise in the movie once Bay works his camera voodoo on her. She was there with the Optimus Prime truck and Michael Bay and probably lots of other lovely ladies from the list both past and present. (via TFW2005)

Jetwing Optimus Prime Gallery (3x)
A look at Jetwing Optimus Prime that is currently set for a Japan only release. The figure is a retooled version of Optimus from Revenge of the Fallen now with wings to emulate the sequence from the trailers.

Skyhammer Video Review
What is a bunch of DOTM links without a video look at one of the toys? This one is a look at Skyhammer that was part of the early toy leaks but never confirmed if based on a movie character but probably not. The toy does seem to be a really solid addition with excellent vehicle and robot modes.

Cyberverse Blackout and Powerglide
Peaugh reviews two new DOTM toys with Cyberverse Blackout and Powerglide. Not bad and of the two will get Powerglide mostly because of looking like its G1 counterpart.


  1. I saw the Wal Mart (exclusive?) Optimus Prime yesterday...Maybe the worst Transformer toy I ever saw...he has the moon and stars printed all over his windshield and sides...just stupid. Maybe bumblebee should have flowers on him...isn't that what you see on yellow volkswagen beetles?

  2. hey, does any1 know who the Autobot in green is?
    It looks like the green wrecker, but the toy looks like a Voyager and not a Deluxe. Maybe a better voyager version is up for grabs xD

  3. The local Toys'r'us I went to had them in the boxes as I walked past a display in the front. I ask the manager if they were TF3 figures and she said yes. She said that she was waiting for someone at 3 pm and it was 2 pm when I got to the store. She even mentioned the Target across from them had their figures in boxes. I really do not know what happened in having the new DOTM figures out on May 16th but it was bad. The only good thing was the manager was nice enough to start opening the boxes and let me be the very first person to see all their figures, which I did get Megatron (tanker mode) and starscream.

  4. 1st clip!!!


  5. Check out the new TF3 clip from the Ellen Show on and


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