Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dark of the Moon Iridescent Trailer Version II

Linkin Park has posted another video that features Iridescent on their YouTube page. From what I can tell it is nearly identical to their first one with a few new scenes (but most of which have already appeared in all the TV spots). All I saw as new was a shot looking down on the Decepticon ship.

Despite the volume of videos, I think if someone were to combine all them, I think the grand total of scenes shown might reach around 12 minutes. Considering the movie is 2 and half hours that isn't much. Normally there is a fan edit by now but probably the lack of HD quality video for most of the TV spots has prevented such efforts.

Also, the band's twitter account tweeted, "If you "Shazam" TV & radio ads for Transformers 3, you'll get a download of a live track, plus have access to more content from the film." Shazam is an iPhone/iPad app (not sure if available for Android). I tried the app on the song and didn't come up with anything special. (via TFW2005, thanks to Sahara for the link)


  1. Feris Othman6/22/2011 12:37 AM

    The only difference I can tell is at 0:13 where the previous shot of Bumblebee looking over Autobot & being consoled by Decepticon is replaced. Maybe they did a re-edit as movie plot might just have been given away to those who didn't read spoilers. I mean, why would Bumblebee shrugged off that Decepticon? Just an opinions.

  2. OMG! This TRAILER just became my favorite MOVIE!!! Very well-made!!


    gives u a taste of the score it plays in the background of the site AWESOME!

  4. Don't forget, they often use scenes in the trailers that were cut from the movie. We might not see half this stuff in the movie.

  5. All of them combined here.

    Someone posted it yesterday.

  6. can't wait for this to came out


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