Tuesday, June 07, 2011

DOTM The Game Prime Days and Interview

Transformers: Dark of the Moon The Game is just a week away from release on all the major systems (except PC). As a result, the official website has ramped up the updates with new content, most of it the normal stuff like trailers, game details, bios and screenshots. The Game Facebook page is also getting new content with something called "Prime Days". For the next 47 days new content will be added such as concept art, wallpaper, quizzes and so forth. As a preview, concept art was released from the game, which you can find here.

Also Italian website ScreenWeek has an interview with High Moon Studios Game Director Sean Miller. Below is an English translation of the interview thanks to Filippo.
1- Could you tell us something about the plot of the game? Is it a prologue to the upcoming movie?
Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a prologue companion to the film. We worked with Hasbro and Paramount to create a unique story that sets up characters and situations in the upcoming movie – that way we can tap into the broad history of Transformers without spoiling any of the big moments for the film.

2- All the characters present in the movie are also in the game? Are there new robots that don't exist in the movie?
We focused mostly on robots you will see in the movie, but have also brought some other characters from other places in the Transformers lore and from previous films as well. One example is the character Stratosphere, who began life as the cargo plane in earlier movies developed into a named toy and now appears as a boss character in our game.

3- Is Michael Bay involved in the development of the game?
We worked with creative talent from Hasbro and Paramount to ensure that the look and story fit within the established film canon and visual style but not directly with Mr. Bay himself. I am sure he was very focused on developing the movie to make sure it is something that will blow the minds of movie and Transformer fans alike this summer.

4- What is the most important difference between this game and the others Transformer's games?
That’s a great question. I think the most significant difference in this game is the Stealth Force vehicle combat. While you have had weapons on vehicles in the past, they were typically not very powerful, and you haven’t had any choices. In the Tranformers: Dark of the Moon game, you have access to very powerful weapons along with extended control that allows you to move seamlessly between vehicle and robot combat using the same controls without compromising your ability to use your normal driving mode.

5- How many time did you spent working on this game?
We worked on this game along-side shooting for the movie, but with our background in Transformer games, we have a bit of a running start. We already know the characters, the gameplay style that feels good, and have a pretty deep knowledge of the background of the universe.

6- Is any of the stars present in the movie involved in the dubbing of the characters?
We try to use talent from the Transformers universe whenever possible as they bring a real level of authenticity to the characters. Our game features numerous VO actors from the film that provided the voices for the robots.

7- The last question is very personal [obviously I'm joking :-) ] What's your favorite Transformer? Could you tell us why?
It is a really tough question that I get asked a lot, and because I am digging into all these characters daily, I have to admit it shifts around a good bit. I am torn between two really different characters- Bumblebee for the Autobots, for his loyalty, bravery and his style, and Soundwave for his intelligence and cool minions.


  1. when you play soundwave do you get LASERBEAK!!!

  2. Theres already gameplay showing soundwave with Lazorbeak so yes.

  3. what happened to the pc version?

  4. Unless it has changed, there was never a PC version in the pipeline. PSP version was also skipped.

  5. Wonder if Wheeljack and Mirage are in it... Oops i mean, Que and Dino


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