Sunday, June 26, 2011

Michael Bay Letter to Projectionists

Michael Bay once again demonstrates just how serious he is about wanting the best 3D experience for audiences with a letter that was sent out to projectionists. The letter asks them to crank up the brightness of the movie as instructed. I guess this is just in case the theater bosses decided to ignore his plea to do the same.


  1. A lot of pundits will go in and bash Michael Bay, but I have to say, this man knows what the hell he is talking about. He's a not perfect character, but he is an expert on the movie business and helping others to see the big picture. Congratulations to his initiative to see it through when a lot of us would sit on our asses and play dumb.

  2. he's not the perfect character? why's that cause he will drown dogs or something?

    he makes movies that some people hate and some people like. Why isn't Todd phillips's "character" ever question for the "bad" "hatefilled" movies he's made.

    good on you bay for helping us get our money's worth.

  3. Can we see the back of that letter?

  4. This initiative seems at the best, really naive. And at the worst, it could have been written by Paramount itself, just to suggest that DOTM could have a different treatment (I am talking here about projection, not production) that any other 3D movie. It sounds a bit like : "please, audience, come back to 3D projections, this time it will be awesome, I swear !"

    Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Michael Bay, since Bad Boys. And I check everyday if I can pre-order my tickets for TF3, Imax 3D. I don't want to denigrate MB. Really not. But this letter is still weird.

    The only positive thing I can think about, is this can (might not) bring light (haha) on a "don't ask, don't tell" issue... Where there is actually not enough light in 3D projections, for penny saving purposes. Despite the extra costing of 3D viewing ! And this is not acceptable. But what can a bottle in the sea, change ?

  5. Dear Stéphane Behr , the problem is that theaters should always do this, but they don't and screw you big time with high prices and don't deliver what they should.

    I paid 3D price to see thor, and it was a FUCKING rip off because it was too dark and impossible to get any sence of 3D in it. The same with pirates 4. (Rip-off was the 3D not the movie itself)

    If they charge you for the 3D... then they better deliver it!!!

    If the Studios and all other directors don't care about the audience and just about the money... It's good to see that michael is diferent.

  6. José, I agree with you. It's usually "sad" to see movies in 3D... Too dark and very low contrasts.

    The last 3D Movie I've seen was Tron Legacy. It was just horrible, because this movie is already pretty dark. During all the projection, I've had the feeling it was visually such a poor movie. Now i've got the Blu-Ray, and it doesn't look like it is the same movie ! There are reflections, texture, and shades I have never seen in Imax 3D !

    In 3 days I will see TF3 in Imax 3D, in the same theater (for 14 euros - 2 euros more than Tron, 6 months ago) I hope there will be a strong difference (even if TF3 will be more luminous than Tron).

    Anybody have seen TF3 and felt any difference with other 3D movies within the same theater ?

  7. Just to conclude : In "my" theater (Gaumont Disney Village, in France, near Paris) ... The 3D was really impressive, really vivid and sharp (way better than Tron, and even better than Avatar). But I think it can still be better, as the whites where not really white. We could still see the (little) lack of light.

    Anyway, great time, huge experience !


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