Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TF3: Defend the Earth Mobile Game Released

Paramount Pictures has released an Apple iOS augmented reality game called TF3: Defend the Earth. The game makes use of the built in camera and Optimus Prime posters online or at theaters to activate the game. Since it is only from the iTunes store and requires a built in camera, this means you need an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPad 2 to play. If you have the right device, click here to try it out.


  1. I was able to get it to work using this picture. It's not that good though. I got two badges before I was bored with it.

  2. No Android version?

  3. can you explain how did you make it work? i tried it but nothing happened.

  4. I just put that poster up on my screen on my laptop and lined the corners up with with smaller box outline in the app and it started to run. I couldn't aim or anything though in portrait mode though. Once you exit that part though there is a landscape version of the game you can play, I could aim in that one. I was pretty choppy though on my iphone4.

  5. I live in Australia, and it works!

    in fact the app can be downloaded and played from any location in the world! you just need to point at the poster at any IMAX around the world to play it, and it also unlocks a 360o AR game,

    ....OR, print out the poster from this official link:

    "US Only" is only for the location list of IMAX theaters where the movies is playing in the States, also the location of the huge posters the Augmented Reality (AR) poster game works from. It doesn't mean the game/experience is only available in the US.

    The poster print needs some white space around it for the AR tracking to work and I've found the bigger i print it, the better the experience. I just stuck it to a wall and voila! awesome game experience. It's like looking through a window into downtown Chicago. If you look from an angle you can even see Optimus Prime's arm dangling out of the 'window' before you click "Defend" to start the game.

    REMEMBER to hit "SCAN" on the "Experience" page to activate your camera and the AR experience to view and play the game within poster.

    To aim I found it best if I physically moved around, left and right in front of the poster. I wouldn't get hit if i kept moving, and by moving around i could center the cross hairs on my targets.

    After you experience the poster game, it unlocks the 360o AR game, in which Decepticon Fighters are flying all around your head. its very cool. I found it ran really well on my iPhone 4, but the experience was amazing on my iPad2

  6. really awesome on the ipad


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