Thursday, June 09, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon IMAX is Not Longer

An error on the official IMAX website for Transformers: Dark of the Moon: An IMAX 3D Experience led to multiple Transformers sites reporting that the film had a 153 minute (2h 33min) running time which is 19 minutes longer than the reported non IMAX running time of an estimated 134 minutes (2h 14 min). The idea isn't entirely unprecedented as Revenge of the Fallen IMAX edition was a few minutes longer. Nelson, admin for, verified the running time error with a tweet. Thanks to Winton Ray for heads-up.
Imax print of #Transformers3 has no extra footage as being reported by some web sites. TF3 is 2hrs & 22mins plus 10min credit crawl.


  1. and i know for a fact that siverbolt wont be the film they did the same thing with breakaway.there is no such thing as flying autobots in the films. those are for the games. anyways good running time.

  2. So is the run time 134 mins or 142 mins as Nelson says?

  3. Phew... I read the title as "is no longer" in my RSS feed. As in, no IMAX at all, haha.

  4. Martinus Prime6/09/2011 7:17 PM

    Sweet, 142 minutes!!!

  5. Michael Bay must be really desperate.. he quickly added some scenes back he previously cut due to people reaction on the 'net because the runtime was shorter than the first two movies... Well, considering that it has already been pointed out that released clips from the movie contain a lot of mistakes one just wonders how bad the scenes that were cut and now have been brought back in the editing room are going to be at this point...
    The movie is going to be a disappointment compared to the first two and the 3D is going to cause some serious eye-strain just like Avatar.

  6. Great news! So TF3 will be 8 minutes longer than previously reported.

  7. @6/09/2011 7:46 PM one takes you serious fact no one has been taking you serious for a long time now lol

    can't you like...find a...hobby...or somethin'??

    you're just making a complete a$$ of yourself on here...kinda feel bad for ya :(

    turn that frown upside down lil man :)


    YEAH !!! 142 MINUTES OF TF GOODNESS...ALMOST HERE!!! Can't wait!!! :D !

  8. @ Anonymous 6/09/2011 7:46 PM
    Where has it been pointed out that the released clips from the movie contain a lot of mistakes? Where has it been written that anyone who has seen significant finished footage has been anything less than impressed?

    If you've read something the rest of us haven't
    please share it.

  9. @Winton Ray 6/09/2011 9:12 PM: some users pointed mistakes out already on this same blog some weeks ago:

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011
    1st Clip From Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    Yahoo! Movies has posted the first clip from Transformers: Dark of the Moon titled "My Secret Weapon"

    Rubin said...

    As much as I'm looking foreward to the 30th of june to finally see TF3 in Holland, I can't help but noticing some movie mistakes in this clip alone...

    I mean like, in the beginning Rosie is holding her right arm with her left hand behind her back, the next overview shot with the 2 cars she has her arms in a different position, next close-up they are back again...?? And when they cut to other angles Shia is suddenly moved, from right next to Rosie, to farther away from her, and then back again...

    And the older woman behind Dempsey, first she holds the iPad the right way, next shot, it suddenly upside down and the next shot it has turned around again!!

  10. @ Anonymous 6/10/2011 4:13 AM
    I've got news for you young fellow, Transformers had the 2nd most mistakes of 2007, ROTF had the most in 2009 (
    So by your logic was Bay desperate on those films as well?


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