Monday, July 11, 2011

Transformers Linkfest - Mostly 3rd Party Edition

It has been a while but here is another bunch of links to upcoming Transformers toys not related to Dark of the Moon. Most of them are 3rd party creations that look epic including a Devastator tease and plans for a Dinobots Combiner. Also have links to a few galleries of upcoming Hasbro releases.

MakeToy's Devastator Teaser
The company has released a full size image of the combined Devastator that will be a combo of six smaller robots (blurry images of those at the link). The combined figure looks to be a round 12 inches high.

3rd Party Insecticons
Another 3rd party update to Generation One characters. Part of Fansprojects Causality line, these are highly detailed and overall very awesome looking updates to the three Insecticons. All three will be released over the next two months.

3rd Party Sonicron (Soundwave) Images
Hit the link for an update to Soundwave that changes his alt mode from tape player to tape recorder like reporters and the like use. He even has the slot that fits the Generation One cassettes. Not sure when it will be released but not bad looking.

FansProjects HeartMaster Teaser
Yet another upcoming TF from Fansproject, this one apparently is homage to G1 Powermasters line. From what I can tell it isn't based on any G1 Transformer I am familiar with. Hit the link for the black & white images of the upcoming toy. No release date yet.

Official Images of SDCC Exclusives
For those going to the San Diego Comic-Con in a few short weeks are going to have a nice list of toys to hunt down. At the link are Hasbro’s official images of the SDCC Transformers including Ultimate Optimus Prime (in exclusive packaging), 1st Edition Optimus Prime in Matrix packaging, and GI Joe craft in Starscream colors. If want to see SDCC's Masterpiece Rodimus Prime's gallery click here. Other manufacturers are doing their own exclusives with 30 of them highlighted here. It I was going, the Locke & Key key, Sentinel, Star Wars Death Star Exclusive (with 14 figures), and the Minimates would be the ones I would be racing to get before they sell out.

Exgraver Gallery
Exgraver is the 1st of six figures for the other 3rd party Devastator, called Hercules from TFC toys. The estimated size of each is DOTM voyager class but that remains unconfirmed. A key bit reveals that unlike the G1 Devastator, the combined components (head, fists, feet, etc) are integrated into the design of the toy. This one is expected to be released in a month or so with the rest scheduled for release over the next nine months.

Official Transformers Prime Images
Hasbro's images of Arcee, Starscream, and Bumblebee for the upcoming Transformers: Prime toy line that is expected to be released on December 1st.

Dinobots Combiner Project Planned
Davastator isn't the only ambitious project TFC Toys has decided to take on. At the link is the gallery of CAD designs for the potential upcoming combiner that will take the classic G1 Dinobots and finally give them that combiner mode that Transformers fans have been wanting for literally decades. Assuming they can work out the engineering and start production, I assume this is something for the late 2012-2013 time frame after Hercules is finished.

Transformers: Headmasters DVD Set Review
Hit the link for Seibertron's review of the just released DVD set that brings Japan's Headmaster cartoon stateside officially for the first time. All subtitled, it continues the cartoons with a distinct Japanese perspective where the US series left off (the Return of Optimus Prime). The CNN article about the release can be found here.

Kre-O Commercials and Videos - Teaser | Last Bot Standing | Battle Begins | Bot Stars | Kreon Bios
It seems that the new Kre-O lines of toys has brought out the creativity of Hasbro's normally bland marketing department with several surprisingly entertaining commercials for the new line. The Last Bot Standing and Bot Stars videos below. The official website can be found here. (via Seibertron)

Mimobot USB Drive Ad
Below is a bizarre commercial for the Mimobot USB flash drives for Optimus Primes and Megatron. The drives come with G1 content. No idea on price or where available.

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  1. is there going to be a 4th Transformers? I really hope there is :/


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