Saturday, August 27, 2011

Linkfest - TFC Toys

More Transformers toys links, most of them focusing on TFC toys. This 3rd party not Transformers creator is quickly becoming the best around with a product line that any G1 fan would love. Other links include a look at Alternity figures, a review of the first TFC toy, and more.

Hercules Combined Mode Sneak PeekSpeaking of Hercules, TFC Toys has already revealed a sneak peek at the combined mode of the not Devastator figure. The final result looks very impressive. Enough so that I am seriously considering committing the estimated $600 to buy the six robots needed to create this combined figure.

Unicron Comparison Gallery
A more G1 accurate Unicron with Kranix is now exclusively from Amazon. The figure has "sold out" several times (or Amazon just doesn't know how much stock they have). At the link are images that compare the Takara, Amazon, and Hasbro original version. Once you seem them all together, I can see why people are getting the Amazon version.

Hercules Heavy Labor Images
The next figure in the Hercules (not Devastator) line from TFC Toys has been revealed. Heavy Labor (not Long Haul) forms the right torso of the combined robot. The current price of the figure is around $100.

Beast Wars II DVD Box Set
While the US just recently received a new box set for Beast Wars, Japan can look forward to the first time ever DVD release of Beast Wars II on October 20th. The cartoon series continued the Beast Wars story but in traditional cartoon, not CGI, format. No idea if there are plans to bring a subtitled version to the states.

G1 Transformers Slipcase
For those that bought the individual season sets of Generation One Transformers cartoons, Shout! Factory has released a slipcase for them that is priced $6.99.

TFC Toys Future Plans
TFC Toys provided a sneak peak at their upcoming DSLR team (not Reflector) and custom Headmasters based on Ultra Magnus, Megatron and Blaster. Also the third Hercules figure was shown off, Neck Breaker (not Bonecrusher).

Nominus Prime Sketches & Alex Milne's Deviant Art Page
If you have been keeping up with the comics, another Prime was introduced called Nominus Prime. He was the Prime in charge of Cybertron before Megatron ignited the Great War. A war essentially caused by his corrupt, near dictatorship government (something to be explored in the upcoming Autocracy mini-series). While the succession of Prime varies depending on which universe (cartoons, Marvel, etc) you adhere too, the IDW/Hasbro current continuity seems to be Nova Prime (lost in Darkness dimension, becomes Nemesis Prime), Nominus Prime (vacates office to avoid assassination), Sentinel Prime (leader during some of the war that ignites under him, killed by Megatron), Zeta Prime (killed by Megatron), Optimus Prime (killed by ?), and next is likely Rodimus Prime.

Alternity Goldbug and Dai Atlas Images
Robot Kingdom has revealed the latest repaints for the Alternity series from Takara. This Japan exclusive line started a few years ago based on the Binal-Tech/Alternator line but with a smaller deluxe size scale. The potential was pretty good except it devolved into a repaint fest of about three to four releases per mold. In this case I think Goldbug is the third repaint of the 'Bee mold and Dai Atlas is the fourth (or fifth) from the Prime mold. If you have the money for import prices, I do recommend the line but not necessarily for getting all the repaints.

Exgraver Video Review
A Peaugh review of the Exgraver (not Scavenger) that shows off the expensive but pretty sweet looking figure. He shows off the robot mode, vehicle mode and arm mode. Real tempted to start my set.

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